‘Female Bruce Lee’ Soars in New Crouching Tiger

Dubbed the “female Bruce Lee” by the Hong Kong media, JuJu Chan ’05 wields darts and executes flying hits and kicks in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel, which was released simultaneously on Netflix and in theaters in February.

Sword of Destiny is the follow-up to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the highest grossing foreign film in American history.

“I play a super fun and badass character called Silver Dart Shi,” said Chan, who previously appeared in several small budget martial arts films. “She’s one of the four swordsmen recruited by the movie’s hero, Silent Wolf, to retrieve the ‘sword of destiny’ before archvillain Hades Dai discovers its hiding place.”

Chan, a U.S. citizen who was born in Hong Kong, graduated cum laude with a computer science degree and a minor in math. She’s not just a computer coder and actress, but a martial arts champion in taekwondo and kickboxing.

At USF, Chan excelled inside and outside the classroom. She founded the Hong Kong and Macau Students Association; volunteered with the International Student Association and the Volunteering for International Students Association; danced in the annual performing arts showcase; and revived the student yearbook, leading the push to launch the first digital yearbook.

JuJu Chan ’05, USFCA

“I chose USF because of its San Francisco location and small class sizes,” Chan said. “I loved my professors and found lots of opportunities to get involved, start student clubs, and build my leadership skills.”

When she’s not on a movie set, attending casting calls, or networking with movie execs in hopes of landing her next big gig, Chan uses her programming and leadership skills to build Icon Unlimited, a budding marketing, public relations, and events business she started on the side.