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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction FAQs

In addition to tutoring, the Learning Center offers SI (Supplemental Instruction) for historically challenging courses - these are courses that are difficult for students year after year. The SI Leaders work closely with the instructor to provide weekly peer study sessions that focus on effective study practices, test-taking strategies, and comprehension in the content area.

SI Leaders facilitate group study sessions for specific course sections.  If there is a Leader for your course, he or she will introduce him or herself to your class.  The SI Leaders have successfully completed the course and work closely with the professors for the course they support.  The schedule below is subject to change; if you need to get in touch with your SI leader and do not have his or her contact information, please ask your professor.  For other questions call us at 422-6713. 

To learn more about the international program visit the International Center for Supplemental Instruction through their website.