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New ESL tutor at the LWC

The Learning & Writing Center hires an Academic English Support (AES) tutor for international students


The LWC is proud to support USF students!

The Learning & Writing Center now has a new Academic English Support tutor available for international students, both undergrads and graduates! This tutor can work with any international student on communication with professors (for example: how to maximize office hour visits or how to master writing an email to a professor), how to take more effective notes in class/during readings, how to prepare for exams, how to improve time management and more! The Academic English Support (AES) tutor can be found on Tutor Trac ( under the heading "AES Academic English Support". Please contact the LWC for more information at 415-422-6713, or stop by the Center in Cowell 215. We are very excited to have this excellent resource for our international students & we look forward to seeing you soon!
Written by Kim Harris