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America Reads Tutor Hiring Requirements

To fulfill federal, city, and university requirements for America Reads, please use the following list and instructions: (Please note that that all America Reads tutors must complete the following steps before becoming eligible to work.)

1.    Have federal work study.
2.    Submit an online application.
3.    Complete an I-9 Form. Go to One Stop (LM 251).
4.    Obtain a Work Study Clearance Form. Request at One Stop (LM 251). After receiving the form via email, sign it electronically and forward it to
5.    Submit Livescan/Fingerprinting Results. Each tutor working in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) must be fingerprinted at the beginning of every academic year. To do this, please do the following:
        •    Call Marji Ruiz at 415-241-6101 x3240 or Eva Belmote-Pon at 415-241-6101 x3251 to set up a Livescan appointment.  Please make sure to mention that you are a literacy volunteer with the America Reads program at USF. Your appointment will be located at:
                        SFUSD Human Resources
                        555 Franklin Street,
                        San Francisco, CA 94012
        •    Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time with the following items:
                        a.    A valid, government-issued photo ID.
                        b.    Social Security Card.
        •    Call back in 4 business days to receive results and return results Cowell 215.
        •    The test costs $49.00 and SFUSD will only accept money orders or cashier's check. Please save your receipt, as you will be reimbursed by America Reads if you are hired.
6.    Submit TB Test Results. If you have results of a current TB test (completed within the last 3 years), you may fax it to the Learning & Writing Center at (415) 422-2194. If you need a TB test, please do the following:
        •    Call the USF Student Health Clinic at (415) 750-4980 to make an appointment.
        •    Once they give you the test, you must return to the Clinic in three days to have the test read. Note: do not make an appointment on a Wednesday or a Thursday, as your test will not be able to be read on the weekend.

7.    1st and 2nd semester tutors must attend a weekly America Reads course; thus, students must be registered for no more than 17 credits prior to registering for the America Reads course. 1st semester tutors need to enroll in IA (Thurs. at 6 pm), 2nd semester tutors will need to enroll in IB (Thurs. or Wed. at 5 pm). 3rd semester tutors and beyond will participate in cohort meetings with the America Reads Graduate Assistant, Sarah Partin.    


For questions, please contact Sarah Partin at 415-422-5095 or via email at or