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Study Groups

There are many benefits to studying a group, including:

  • Providing support: group members can offer encouragement and make studying more fun.
  • Motivation and commitment to study: knowing that others are depending on you to come prepared and help them learn provides motivation to study ahead of time.
  • Reinforces understanding of material: teaching information to others reinforces your mastery and makes clear what concepts you may need to focus on.
  • Provides opportunity to ask question and compare class notes: group members may have understood or recorded information that you missed during the lecture, and vice-versa.
  • Learn new study habits: group members can open your eyes to new ways to study and understand course material.
  • Opportunity to share talents: each group member can bring strengths to the group that will help each of you work toward your final goal.

Check out our tips on forming study groups  and structuring group study sessions .