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THOMAS is useful for tracking legislation in Congress, performing legislative histories, locating recent Congressional documents full-text, determining Congressional committee membership and activities, and related information about Congress and the legislative process.

This full-text database from the Library of Congress includes major legislation (by bill number, subject, and title), bills (full text, summaries, and status), public laws, the Congressional Record and the Congressional Record Index, roll call votes, Congressional committee reports, some Congressional committee hearings, historical documents, and information about the legislative process.
Bill texts and the Congressional Record are updated daily when Congress is in session. Bill Summary & Status and Public Laws are currently available from 1973 to the present. Bill Text, Roll Call Votes, and the Congressional Record are available from 1989 (beginning of the 101st Congress) to the present. Major Legislation and Committee Reports are available from 1995 (beginning of 104th Congress) to the present.