Silent, Quiet, and Conversation Study Areas

Everyone has their own preferences for studying. In order to accommodate these differing needs, we have designated silent, quiet, and conversation areas of the library.

Study Zones

study zones map


Silent Study Area:

silent study

Tranquil. Solo. On point.
Focused. Unplugged. Seriously silent.
Free from your cell phone. Free to be brilliant.

The silent study areas are designed for those who seek a study area totally free from distraction: no cell phones, no laptops, no ear buds, no noise. We invite you to visit one and watch your productivity sky rocket.

The Atrium on the first floor is a silent study area, and the study room behind the Reference Desk on the first floor is a silent study area.

Quiet study area:

quiet study area

Studying alone. Peace. Respectful.
Low key.
Getting stuff done. In your own world.
Studying with headphones. Calm. Few distractions.

The quiet study areas are a vision of the traditional library: there may be background noise like foot traffic and computer use, and you can whisper to your friend if you have a question, but the hush of concentration hangs in the air. All in all you’re looking to be part of a space of students studying on their own quietly.

The computer lab on the second floor is a quiet study area, in addition to the lower level and the entire third floor.

Conversation study area:

conversation study area

Teaming up. Creating knowledge.
Library voices.
Philosophic discussion. Ethical debate.
Pleasant humming.
Pooling resources. Brainstorming. Troubleshooting. Planning.
Peer to peer, face to face.

Conversation areas give you the freedom to work on group projects, cram for exams in study groups, and get help from library staff. Need to take a brief cell phone call? No problem. Everyone keeps their voices at a reasonable volume, and the invigoration of collaboration energizes the vibe.

The computer labs on the first floor are conversation study areas, in addition to the South half of the second floor and the entire fourth floor.