Sports Illustrated Magazine Archive

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Sports Illustrated Magazine Archive presents an extensive collection of the popular sports magazine dating from its very first issue in August, 1954 through December, 2000, presented in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format.

Published by Time Inc., the magazine has aimed to chronicle the weekly events in the world of sports. Each issue originally focused on more upper-class sporting activities such as polo and boating, but in the 1960s the magazine expanded its focus to include the increasingly popular professional sports of baseball, football, and, eventually, basketball.

The cover-to-cover format means each issue is presented in its entirety, including the front and back covers as well as all articles and advertisements contained in the original publication. Everything has been indexed with relevant subject terms to ensure that researchers and readers can quickly and accurately find what they are looking for. Sports Illustrated Magazine Archive is valuable to researchers of 20th-century current events, politics and culture, as well as those interested in the history of business, advertising, and popular culture.

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