Special Interest Groups

Sources Available on the Internet

For SaleOpenSecrets.org: Your Guide to the Money in U.S. Elections - Center for Responsive Politics. This non-partisan site provides extensive federal and state information on special interest groups and campaign financing. Includes data on lobbyists, political action committees, individual donors, and interest groups.

Follow the Money - a database of campaign contributions at the state level

Cal-Access - provides financial information on California state candidates, donors, and lobbyists.

MAPLight - a database which brings together campaign contributions with how legislators vote

Sources Available at USF Libraries

Directory of Congressional Voting Scores and Interest Group Ratings (CQ Press)
A compilation of voting study comparisons and interest group rating data on every member of Congress who has served from 1947 through 1999.

Washington Information Directory
Briefly describes government agencies and congressional committees as well as non-profit organizations and special interest groups with offices in Washington, D.C. All of the organizations are listed in the policy areas in which the groups are active. Includes alphabetical index to groups.