SOM Alumni Library Services

Congratulations! Now that you have graduated, or are contemplating graduation, you may be wondering how USF’s Gleeson Library | Geschke Center can serve you once you become an alumnus. This guide will give you the basics on your library privileges once you graduate, as well as other places where you can obtain business information.

Gaining Access to Gleeson Library and its Resources After Graduation

Library Cards, Library Access and Borrowing Privileges:

  • USF Alumni may purchase a Special Access Only card for $20. This card is good for one year and allows access to the library, computers, and databases, but does not allow borrowing privileges.
  • USF Alumni may purchase a Special Access / Borrowing card for $50, which includes all the access above plus library materials borrowing privileges.. 
  • More information on alumni library access
  • USF Alumni may access the library's databases from within the Library only.

Printing/Photocopying in the Library: 

  • Printing: There is a charge for printing in the library. Printing cards can be obtained at the Reference Desk. There is a $5.00 minimum for adding money to the card. The fee is $ 0.06 per page for black and white, and $ 0.30 for color. 
  • You can also choose to email items to yourself to be printed elsewhere. 
  • Photocopying: The library has photocopiers for patron use. Pay with your printing card.
  • Fees for photocopying are the same as printing fees.

Note: You can put funds on your card online at the OneCard web site, using a credit or debit card.

Using the Library’s Online Databases:

When you are coming to the library in person, you can use any of the library’s databases at the Reference computers.

Unfortunately, however, alumni access to the library does not include remote access to our databases. The companies that we lease these databases from have very strict contracts that limit remote access to only current faculty, staff and students.

Here Are Some Ideas for Database Access Elsewhere

  • San Francisco Public Library (SFPL): subscribes to a number of business and general interest databases. Visit a branch of SFPL to access the databases or apply for a library card to access databases remotely. For more information about obtaining an SFPL library card:
  • If you live near a public university or college, you may be able to access their databases on campus. Check with that institution for their access policies.
  • Or, if you are working for a company, see if it has an information center or library, either where you work or at a central location, or better yet, a staff librarian! Get to know the staff and the services that they offer.
  • Contact the database vendor of the database you’re interested in to see if you can purchase an individual subscription.

Selected Sources of Freely Available Online Business Information:

Career Services Center on the University of San Francisco campus! The Center has many resources on companies and industries, both print and online, and you can use all of them as alumni. Visit the CSC online at: or call: 415-422-6216, or visit them in the University Center, 5th Floor.

American Library Association’s Business Guides: These are lists of fee and free resources on a variety of business topics, selected by business specialist librarians. Portal to U.S. business resources

Rutgers Alumni Library: Alumni Databases:

Biz Ref Desk: a collection of free web sites on all kinds of business topics, collected by a librarian!

Also search the Internet for professional associations in your field of interest. These web sites have a variety of fee (for members) or free information. Examples of these are the American Marketing Association, International Hotel and Restaurant Association, etc.

Company Information:

EDGAR: U.S. Public Company Filings:
Business Wire (news):
Forbes magazine’s company lists:
Thomas Register (directory of companies):
Yahoo! Finance:
Google Finance:

Industry Information:

County Business Patterns (industry information on the sub national level):
U.S. Census Bureau Current Industrial Reports: