Connect to this Database features the richest and most diverse collections of high quality training videos in the field of counseling, psychotherapy, and addiction. The majority of the videos show therapists actually conducting therapy and demonstrating clinical skills, along with pre and post session discussions. Most of the leading figures in the field are included in this collection, from legendary masters such as Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis, Rollo May, and Salvador Minuchin, to contemporary luminaries such as Irvin Yalom, Marsha Linehan, Sue Johnson, William Miller, Insoo Kim Berg, and Otto Kernberg. 

Streaming Collections feature: 

  • Diverse formats geared for a variety of teaching needs, including single-session demonstrations, multiple-session demonstrations, clinical case consultations, interviews, and documentary style films. Most use actual clients, although some are reenactments. Many videos include voiceover commentaries throughout sessions, increasing their instructional value. 
  • Videos presenting most major theoretical orientations, including cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, family systems, existential-humanistic, motivational interviewing, and many others. 
  • Most modalities, including individual therapy, group therapy, couples and family therapy, child therapy, art therapy, psychodrama and therapeutic communities. 
  • A wide representation of client populations. 
  • Most video titles include downloadable Instructor’s Manual.


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