POLS 350: International Law and International Relations

Selected Introductions to International Law

All of the books below are in the Zief Law LibraryLaw Course Reserve and Law Open Reserve books can be used for a set period of time within the library; request these items at the law library Circulation Desk. Books in Law Stacks or Law Compact Storage may be checked out for 30 days and renewed online.

Public International Law in a Nutshell by Thomas Buergenthal, Sean D. 4th edition.
Law Course Reserves 2 Hour KZ3410 .B84 2007

An Introduction to International Law by Mark Weston Janis. 5th edition.
Law Stacks KZ3140.J36 A35 2008. Older editions in Law Compact Storage.

Principles of Public International Law by Ian Brownlie. 7th edition. 
Law Course Reserves 2 Hour KZ3225.B78 P7 2008. Older editions in Law Stacks and Law Compact Storage. 

International Law by Malcolm N. Shaw. 6th edition.
Law Course Reserves KZ3275 .S53 2008. 2003 edition in Law Stacks. 

Understanding International Law by Stephen C. McCaffrey 
Law Course Reserves 2 hour KZ 3900 .M38 2006 

International Law: Examples and Explanations by Valerie Epps and Lori Graham 
Law Open Reserve KZ1242 .E675 2011 

International Law Frameworks by David J. Bedermen. 3rd edition. 
Law Open Reserve KZ 3410 .B43 2010 

Basic Documents in International Law edited by Ian Brownlie. 6th edition. 
Law Stacks KZ64 .B37 2009. Older editions in Law Compact Storage. 

Basic Documents on Human Rights edited by Ian Brownlie and Guy S. Goodwin-Gill. 6th edition. 
Law Stacks K3238 .B76 2010. Older editions in Law Compact Storage.



To find books dealing with international law at USF (Gleeson Library and the law library), search the Catalog

The catalog searches broad descriptions of books. For good results try keyword searches following this model:

"topic words" international law

"topic words" "human rights" (use quotation marks to search exact phrases)

For example:
humanitarian international law
environ* "human rights"

Library of Congress Classification System (Class J and K) 

Most books on political science and law topics have call numbers starting with J and K. In Gleeson Library, these books that you may borrow are on the 3rd Floor, South Wing. 

J          Political Science
JZ        International Relations
K          Law (General) 
KB       Religious Law in General
KD       Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland 
KDZ     Law of America. North America Law of Canada 
KF        Law of the United States 
KFA-KFW Law of U.S. States (KFC1-1199 = California) 
KFX      Law of U.S. Cities
KG        Law of Latin America - Mexico and Central American - West Indies. Caribbean area
KH        Law of South America
KJ-KKZ Law of Europe
KL-KWX Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KZ        Law of Nations (includes International Law)


Treaty Resources 

Good Places to Start
These website have (or link to) the full text of multilateral treaties. Some also cover selected bilateral treaties.


Finding Treaty Status and Citations 

These sources provide citations to treaties and, often, basic status information, such as whether the treaty is in force, which states are signatories, which states are parties, whether there any reservations, etc.

  • Status of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General Up-to-date information on signatories, parties, in-force dates, text of reservations. Includes citations to UNTS (U.N Treaty Series). Part of the free United Nations Treaty Collection. 
  • World Treaty Index (beta) Detailed information on 20th century multilateral and bilateral treaties. Useful for finding citations to older, hard-to-find treaties. Goal is to cover all 20th century treaties; current coverage is 1945-1999. Based on work by Peter H. Rohn. World Treaty Index in print, Law Stacks KZ 1301 .R63 1983.
  • Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status By Milo Jesse Bowman & D. J. Harris. Useful for finding citations to older treaties. Last updated in 1995. In print, Law Reference JX 171 .M84 1984. 

Finding United States Treaties -- Status and Citations 

Use these online and print resources when you are researching treaties — multilateral or bilateral — to which the United States is a party.


Finding Treaties in Full Text 

Try the following sources to find the full text. Having the name of a treaty, or citation to it, is very helpful. 
Of these three print sources, two — the United Nations Treaty Series and the League of Nations Treaty Series — are available to the USF community via HeinOnline's United Nations Law Collection.

United States Treaties (multilateral and bilateral) and Foreign Relations Documents - Full Text  Online Sources

No one comprehensive free web source exists for U.S. treaties. The commercial source — HeinOnline — provides the best coverage.

In addition to the above resources, browse the library catalog for more treaty collections

Topical Treaty Collections

Some important topical collections of treaties include:

  • ECOLEX - Gateway to Environmental Law Searchable information about and, often, text of treaties (and other legal documents) related to environmental law, and especially to international environmental law.
  • ENTRI - Environmental Treaties "A fast, convenient, comprehensive online service for accessing multilateral environmental treaty data. Find status data for environmental treaties, treaty text and other related information easily." From CIESIN (Center for International Earth Science Information Network). 

Learning More About Treaty Research

The following web sites and books offer great advice on treaty research:


Judicial Decisions


Databases for Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles are extremely useful for finding discussions of narrow issues in international law. They will also cite to relevant treaties and cases, to sources giving evidence of customary law and state practice, and to other scholarship on the issue. The resources listed in this section will lead you to articles on the country or topic you are researching.

This guide emphasizes "indexes" — article-finding tools that allow very precise searching but do not themselves contain the full-text of articles. To find the full-text of articles click on the USF: Find Full-Text link or check to see if your article is available at the USF libraries. Alternatively, you can search the library's Journal Finder by journal name. All database below for current USF students, faculty, and staff.

  • Law Journal Library -- HeinOnline Almost complete, full-text coverage of all United States law reviews and journals, in most cases starting with the first volume of the journal and including all but the most recent volume.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Citations to articles from 1908 to the present. Full text available for selected recent articles.
  • LexisNexis Academic For law review articles, choose "US Legal" on the left and then "Law Reviews."
  • bePress Peer-reviewed online journals in various disciplines, including law. bepress also has a free bepress Legal Repository of papers from various institutions.
  • JSTOR Multi-disciplinary digital archive of back issues (JSTOR generally lacks the latest three years) of hundreds of scholarly journals. The library's JSTOR subscription includes 97 law journals.
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Especially useful for finding citations to articles from non-US legal journals, and covers 1960 to the present, with full search capabilities from 1985 to the present. (Many of the journals it covers are in languages other than English.)
  • Fusion Search across the majority of the library's books and articles. Add more keywords or use the limits in the results screen to reduce the number of your results. 

Selected Journals 

  • International Legal Materials (American Society of International Law). [For current USF students, faculty, and staff.] Covers volume 1 (1962) to the present. Also available in print at the law library at Law Stacks K 9 .N57.
  • American Journal of International Law [For current USF students, faculty, and staff.] Covers volume 1 (1907) to present. Also available in print at the law library at Law Stacks K 1 .M456.  

*This guide was largely adapted from the Zief Law Library's Public International Law and Treaty Research guides created by Lee Ryan.