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Oxford DictionariesOxford Dictionaries offers Oxford's high-quality bilingual language reference content in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

This innovative website features essential language resources - fully searchable, completely comprehensive bilingual dictionaries, and unique study materials that provide extra help with learning and using an expanding range of languages.

What can you do with Oxford Dictionaries?

  • Search Oxford's authoritative bilingual dictionaries to get accurate, up-to-date translations you can rely on
  • Choose the right word or phrase using contextual clues and examples
  • Listen to pronunciation to hear how words sound
  • Use quick search box on every page to find translations fast
  • Use advanced search options to search the full text of the dictionary, or restrict a search to specific parts of speech, subject area, or language register, and perform Boolean searches
  • Browse the dictionary using alphabetical entry lists
  • Find a list of other entries that have your search term somewhere in them
  • Click from any word in an entry to look up that word in the dictionary
  • Get click-through explanations of phonetic symbols and mouse-over explanations of parts of speech
  • Insert accented characters (or letters from a different alphabet) using a handy virtual keyboard
  • Insert Chinese characters using a helpful pop-up Radical and Character Index
  • If you can't find an exact match, the "Did you mean" feature can help you find the entry you're looking for
  • Print, email, cite, or link all entries


  • Find a multitude of language learning and usage tools and resources
  • Get access to hundreds of correspondence templates including sample letters, emails, and CVs and résumés to provide practical help with writing
  • And much more

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