Microfilm & Microfiche

The Library's Microfilm and Microfiche collection includes more than one hundred periodical titles (including newspapers), and is located in cabinets on the lower level of the building. Microfilm and microfiche holdings for periodical titles are noted in the library's catalog, and are available for viewing, printing, or scanning.

What is Microfilm and Microfiche?

Microfilm and microfiche are preservation formats for any published material whereby photographic images are made page-by-page of the complete publication. These images are then reduced in size, and stored on small rolls of film (microfilm) or small rectangular sheets (microfiche), and organized by date under publication title.

Need a copy of a specific article that is on microfilm or microfiche at Gleeson Library?

We provide document delivery of individual articles from our microfilm and microfiche holdings. 

Make a request through our Iliad system

When your request has been fulfilled, you'll receive an email prompting you to log into your Illiad account. From your Illiad account you'll be able to access and download a PDF of your requested article. 

  • When placing your request be sure to list as complete a citation as possible.
  • A complete citation includes not only publication title, article title, and author but also information such as volume, issue, date, and pages, when available.
  • Complete and accurate citations are especially important for newspaper articles.

Do you need to browse multiple issues or resources, lack a complete citation, or need to view an item outside Gleeson's collection?

If you do not have adequate citation info or your research needs require browsing through multiple dates/issues of a title please schedule an appointment by emailing: periodicals@usfca.edu. In your email please indicate the nature of your request, i.e. title of publication or whether you have your own material to view, etc and a few dates/times 9-5, M-F for an appointment that would work best for you.

  • Please indicate the title and accompanying dates of the microfilm/fiche material you’d like to view.
  • Appointments may also be scheduled to view microfilm/fiche from other libraries or personal collections.

ERIC (documents on Microfiche)

The microfiche collection also includes ERIC (Documents on Microfiche). This a a set of microfiche issued by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) which selects, indexes and abstracts documents and reports dealing with education and educational research. Gleeson Library's collection of ERIC microfiche covers the years 1966-2003 (numbers ED010000 - ED483046). The collection is searchable through the ERIC database, and many ED documents are now available in PDF format there; however due to copyright issues some remain only available as microfiche.