Figuring out where to start looking for articles and books can be very confusing when the library offers more than 200 database options. Fusion is a great place to start.

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Fusion allows you to search, in one place, the majority of the library’s books and articles. It includes all the materials in our library catalog Ignacio, as well as the content of the majority of our many, many journal article databases.

Questions and Answers:

Does Fusion include everything the library has?
No, but it includes so much of what the library has that it will almost always be a good place to start a search.

When would Fusion not make sense as the first place to search?
Some examples: 

  • If you’re interested in finding only books, or a specific book title, then our library catalog Ignacio might be a more appropriate place to begin. 
  • If you’re looking specifically for statistical data, or encyclopedia/dictionary entries, or images, it would be better to use databases devoted to those specific types of information. 
  • If you're looking for a specific Journal title, you should use our Journal Finder.

I’m very proficient using the subject-specific databases in my field. Is there any reason I should use Fusion?
Because Fusion will have such broad coverage, it may locate relevant materials published in other fields that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a subject-specific database.

So then why would I want to choose a subject-specific database anymore—can I just use Fusion instead?
Fusion is not replacing any of our subject-specific databases. These databases offer valuable advanced searching capabilities tailored to their subject areas.

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