Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Articles and Books

How do I find the fulltext of articles?

Click on the USF Find Full-Text link or button to see if we have access to the fulltext of the article at USF. This will help you determine whether the article is available at USF through another database, other online subscriptions, or the the library’s print holdings. For more information, watch the tutorial Using USF: Find Full-text.

If you don't see the USF Find Full-Text link or button in the database you are using, you can use Journal Finder

Use the Document Delivery portal to request articles USF owns or to request articles that USF does not own.

How do I know if we have the Journal I need at USF?

You can use Journal Finder to find out which journals, magazines and newspapers we have at USF, either in print or online. Journal Finder also tells you the dates we have for each title. To use Journal Finder, just type in the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper into the search box. (Note: don't type in the title of the individual article!) If we have access to the journal, you will see links to USF's print and/or online holdings. If we don't have access to the journal, you will see "0 records retrieved..."

How can I get a journal article that isn't at USF?

Interlibrary Loan.

How can I find a book?

Search for the book in the library's catalog, Ignacio

If USF does not own the book, click on the Link+ icon to request it from another library

If the book is not available through Link+, request it through Interlibrary Loan

If you attend class outside the main campus or online, see the Document Delivery web page.

How do I find out if the library has a textbook?

You can do a title or author search in Ignacio, the library catalog.

If you do not get any results, click the Link+ icon to see if another library owns it. To borrow it from another library, click "Request this Item." Link+ takes about 4 business days and is free.

Your professor may have put the textbook on Reserve. You can check Reserves here, then check the book out from the Circulation Desk.

FYI - Gleeson Library | Geschke Center does not typically collect textbooks. This is because they are expensive, are frequently updated with newer editions, and often go missing. But... it's always worth checking.

How can I find the best article databases for my research topic?

You can find article databases that focus on specific subject areas on the Databases page of our website. Click on the subject that you're interested in and then click on the link for "Journal and Newspaper Articles." This will provide you with a list of recommended databases for that subject area.

How can I find information on how to cite sources?

Citing Sources.

Wireless, Printing, Photocopying, Computer Labs, Etc.

Why isn't my wireless working?

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Use your USFConnect credentials to log into the wireless, or join as a guest.

Please see the USF Wireless FAQs from ITS for more info, or visit the ITS Help Desk located in the North East corner of Gleeson Library (1st floor).

How do I print?

First you need Don Dollars to pay for your print job. Black and white costs $0.07/page and color costs $0.30/page.

Send your print job to Pharos, the University-wide cloud printing system. Look for the print queue called USF Xerox Secure Print p2.

You can send a print job to Pharos from any lab computer, your personal laptop, mobile device, or directly through the USB port on the Xerox machine.

To print to Pharos, you will first need the correct driver:  Download a driver for a Mac or PC

You can select and pay for your print job from any Pharos/Xerox device on campus (Xerox devices are called MFPs, which stands for "multifunction printers" -- machines that print, copy, scan, fax, etc. and look like photocopy machines), regardless of what computer you sent it from.

A list of all on-campus Pharos/Xerox devices and their locations.

There are 6 Xerox MFP (multifunction printer) machines in the library.

3 machines in the Printing Room off the Thacher Art Gallery (1st floor)
2 machines in the Periodicals Stacks (2nd floor, North West side)
1 machine in the P Stacks (3rd floor, near the South stairwell)

All machines print in black and white and color. Black and white costs $0.07/page and color costs $0.30/page.

See the Pharos page on USF's Purchasing Services web site for more details.

How do I print from my laptop?

To print to Pharos, you will need the correct driver:  Download a driver for a Mac or PC

Check out details of the Pharos/Xerox program on the Purchasing web page

How can I print if I don't have a USF ID Card?

Gleeson Library can issue you a copy/print card for free. Depositing funds on the card to pay for printing and copying is your responsibility, however. Please ask at the Reference Desk for more information.


Adding money to your card.

Where in the library are photocopy machines?

There are 6 Xerox MFP (multifunction printer) machines that photocopy and print in the library. All photocopy and print in black and white and color.

3 machines in the Printing Room off the Thacher Art Gallery (1st floor)
2 machines in the Periodicals Stacks (2nd floor, North West side)
1 machine in the P Stacks (3rd floor, South East side)

How much does it cost to photocopy?

Photocopying costs.

Where on campus is a scanner?

There are scanners in Gleeson Library, located on the West side of the Reference Desk (1st floor).

Scan to email or USB for free.

All the Xerox MFP machines on campus can scan to email, USB, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

See "How to scan" on the Pharos/Xerox web page.
Scanning is free although you must swipe your One Card to gain access to the machine.

Where can I send/receive a fax?

Use the XMediusFAX option on any Xerox MFP (multifunction printer) to send a fax for free. Swipe your One Card, hit the "Services Home" button, then select XMediusFAX from the menu. Enter the destination fax number as you would when dialing on a phone (e.g. 14154222233) then press the green "send" button. You will receive a confirmation email to your USF email address if the fax was successfully sent. You cannot receive faxes on the Xerox MFPs.

Students and staff can send faxes at the Event Services and Information Desk , located in the lobby of McLaren. It costs 50 cents per page.

The One Card Office in Lone Mountain also offers fax service. This is their pricing:

$3 for 1-5 pages
$6 for 6-10 pages
$9 for 11-15 pages
$12 for 16-20 pages

Study Rooms, Library Jobs, Faculty Services, Events, Etc.

Are there any student jobs available at the library?

Open library positions are posted on the Student Jobs website.

Are there group, Quiet, or silent study areas?

Study areas.

How can i reserve a group study room?

Reserve a study room.


Recommending materials.

What are the upcoming events at the library?

Thacher Gallery
USF Book Club (open to the entire USF community)