Finding Information on Drugs and Biologicals

Helpful Resources

National Library of Medicine Drug Information Research Guide

Databases & Reference Sources

What is it? A database containing references about resources in the biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science and agricultural science. Including information on chemical structure & patents.  
How to use it: First time users must create a SciFinder account. For scientific journal articles, use "References" search, for information on chemical substances, use "Substance" search. 

What is it? Biomedical databases with research from thousands of national and international journals. 
How to use it: Use the MeSH database to identify subject headings or supplementary concepts for your drug of interest. Identify related substances and find research on related substances using the “Pharmacological Action” search. Use USF Find Full Text icon to get the full text of articles. 

What is it? An easy to use point-of-care tool providing evidence based information on drugs and conditions. 
How to use it: Search by drug name, use the bullet points to navigate to relevant research.


Food & Drug Administration
What is it? Food & Drug Administration’s website. 
How to use it: The above URL will take you directly to the Drug section of the FDA website. Scroll halfway down the page to display a search box. Enter drug name. 

What is it? National Library of Medicine resource providing high quality information on marketed drugs, primarily label/package insert information. 
How to use it: Search by drug name. Use tabs along the top of the screen to navigate through sections of the label/package insert. 

National Library of Medicine Drug Information Portal
What is it? Advanced and consumer information on drugs and biologicals from the National Library of Medicine. 
How to use it? Search by drug name.