Conduct Policy

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center wants to ensure a safe, pleasant environment for all library visitors, and thanks you for your cooperation in this effort.

Our Expectations for Library Users: 

  • Use your USF ID to enter the Library. Visitors, such as Federal Depository Library patrons, are exempt from this policy.
  • Show your USF ID card, or a state-issued ID card if you are a visitor, upon request by a Library or campus representative. 
  • Observe the building-wide study zone designations—Conversation, Quiet, and Silent—including your use of headphones and cell phones. 
  • Keep study tables and study areas clean by removing any trash. 
  • Return Library materials on time by the expiration date of the loan period. 
  • Pay overdue fines on loaned materials and pay fees for any lost or damaged materials. 
  • Follow all copyright laws. 
  • During closing time, leave the building promptly and follow directions from Library staff.  

Food and Drink

Our goal is to maintain a clean, safe library that minimizes the risk of damage to Library books, equipment and other property. 

  • Beverages must be in containers with tops, lids, or caps. 
  • "Judicious" food consumption is allowed away from computers and equipment. 
  • No hot, noisy, smelly, or messy foods allowed. 
  • Clean up after yourself, discarding all wrappers and empty containers in appropriate receptacles. 
  • Report any food or beverage spills immediately to library staff so we can alert the maintenance crew. 
  • The Library staff reserves the right to require anyone to consume food outside of the Library. 

For Your Protection

  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, and do not leave possessions unattended. 
  • Promptly report a theft or any other crime to USF Public Safety and to the Circulation Desk staff. 
  • The USF Public Safety emergency number is 2911. The non-emergency number is 415-422-4222. 
  • During an emergency evacuation—drills, fire alarms, power outages, etc.—leave the building promptly, and follow directions from Library staff. 

Posters / Photography / Filming

  • All posters, fliers, and signs must by authorized by the Library Dean's Office. 
  • Approved materials may be posted by Library staff only. 
  • Commercial photography or filming must by authorized by the Library Dean's Office. 


  • Theft of Library or personal property, which will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law;
  • Deliberate concealing of Library materials;
  • Vandalism, including writing in/on USF Library books, periodicals or furniture; or defacing the Library materials, building or equipment; 
  • Removing Library material, equipment or property without authorization. 

University Policy Prohibits:

  • Misuse of computers: hacking, altering, deleting or damaging any computer software, hardware, system network, program or data; 
  • Animals, except those trained to assist patrons with disabilities;  
  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, or any unauthorized wheeled equipment inside or parked directly in front of the entrance; 
  • Smoking anywhere within the boundaries of University-owned property, except in designated smoking areas;
  • Verbal or physical abuse, sexual harassment, or any comment against one’s ethnicity, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. 

Library privileges may be suspended for failure to comply with these conduct rules.