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The ComAbstracts database contains abstracts of articles and books published in the primary professional literature of the communication(s) field as well as bibliographic records. No other electronic resource provides more comprehensive or better focused coverage of the communication discipline's first line scholarship. The database is unique in its comprehensive coverage of scholarly books in communication and journalism. The full text of the ComAbstracts database can be searched; that is, records may be searched by word, phrase, or author. The search system supports full Boolean search logic (AND, OR, NOT, XOR), proximity searching, wildcard searching, and word conflation (which finds alternative forms of words based on common linguistic roots).  

Synonyms are available for many clusters of terms and are included automatically in searches unless they are explicitly overriden in the search specification (for example, a search for 'YOUTH' will also match 'TEEN' and 'ADOLESCENT'). The database may also be searched using (1) a keyword system consisting of menus of prepared subject terms and search specifications or (2) using the Visual Communication Concept Explorer a next-generation visual interface build on statistical analysis of word relationships unique to the academic communication literature.

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