U.S. Census Bureau

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Official statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The primary responsibilities of the Bureau of the Census include: the decennial census of population and housing; quinquennial censuses of State and local governments, manufacturers, mineral industries, distributive trades, construction industries, and transportation; current surveys that provide information on many of the subjects covered in the censuses at monthly, quarterly, annual, or other intervals; compilation of current statistics on U.S. foreign trade, including data on imports, exports, and shipping; publication of estimates and projections of the population; publication of current data on population and housing characteristics; and current reports on manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, services, construction, imports and exports, State and local government finances and employment, and other subjects.

Databases and publications reflecting the many censuses and surveys conducted by the Bureau of the Census are available. A primary database is American Factfinder. It includes data from Censuses of Population and Housing, Economic Censuses, and the American Community Survey and allows you select data for a geographical area and create custom tabulations and maps. The Web site also features a comprehensive alphabetical subject index for access to statistics compiled by many different statistical agencies.