Finding Information on Ballot Measures

Primary Sources

Use these resources to find the text of specific ballot measures: 

  • San Francisco Ballot Measures  Contains full text of City Ballot Propositions from 1907 to the present. Beware: the PDF files containing the full text are very large and may take a while to download. 
  • California Ballot Measures Contains full text of Statewide Ballot Propositions from 1996 to the present. Select a specific voter guide (month/year of election), then look for "Propositions" to find the various propositions voted on in that election. To view all California ballot measures (propositions and initiatives) from 1911 to the present, see the collection from Hastings Law Library. 
  • Ballot Measures for All States

Newspaper and Journal Articles

To find newspaper and journal articles written about specific ballot measures try the following resources: 

  • Fusion covers a broad range of academic journals, popular magazines, and newspapers. 
  • Access World News Use this database to search nearly 7,000 newspapers.
  • LexisNexis Academic Use this database to search over 5,000 newspapers. Try limiting to the article type: Editorials & Opinions to find opinion pieces on your topic.
  • CQ Researcher is a great resource for current political and social issues. Contains full text!
  • Opposing Viewpoints is another good database for pro/con arguments on current political and social issues. Also contains reference and statistical information. Full text!
  • Ethnic News Watch Contains full-text articles from over 230 local, national, and international sources.