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International Externships: Financial and Academic Information 

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Deadline January 28, 2015

Deposit and Tuition Fees

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $350 must be received no later than March 5, 2015.  Deposits are applied to the international externship program tuition.

Tuition for all international externship programs is $4,000 for four credits (1 classroom credit / 3 non classroom credits.)  

Housing and Travel Related Expense

Students are responsible for travel and all related costs such as meals, ground transportation, and events.  Students are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing; however the international programs office provides information and contacts from past summers.  

Estimated Summer 2015 Budgets

  Beijing China Czech Republic Europe - IP Europe - Paris Hanoi Vietnam HCMC Vietnam Mexico City Manila Philippines
Program Dates Jun 7 - Jul 10 Jun 28 - Jul 31 Jun 28 - Jul 31 Jun 28 - Jul 31 Jun 7 - Jul 10 Jun 7 - Jul 10 Jun 7 - Jul 10 Jun 21-Jul 24
Tuition 4,000      4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
Housing 1,760 2,000 2,370 2,576 1,650 1,650 2,000 1,650
Food 715 1,196 1,196 2,020 715 715 715 715
Travel 2,000 2,000 2,780 2,851 1,800 2,200 1,000 2,090
Personal 660 1,500 2,143 2,143 660 660 660 660
Total $9,135 $10,696 $12,489 $13,590 $8,825 $9,225 $8,375 $9,115

Financial Aid

USF students in good academic standing during the Spring of 2015 may qualify for financial aid for a summer 2015 international externship.  Students must enroll in at least three units of credit in order to be eligible for summer financial aid. Summer financial aid is available through a private or Graduate PLUS Loan. USF students must have completed a FAFSA application for the 2014-15 academic year in order to be considered for financial aid. In addition, USF students are also required to submit an Intent to Enroll (ITE) form for Summer 2015 to the USF School of Law Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible but no later than April 1st, 2015. Summer 2015 ITE forms are expected to become available in early March and may be picked up at the Law Financial Aid Office or on the Law Financial Aid website.  Additional information about Summer Financial Aid here.

If you have any questions, please contact the USF School of Law Financial Aid Office at (415) 422-6210 or lawfinaid@usfca.edu.


Students cannot be compensated during the first 5 weeks of the program to receive academic credit.  Some externships that extend beyond 5 weeks may provide compensation. 

Payment Deadline

Payment in full for tuition and other charges is due on May 1, 2015 either through Authorized Financial Aid for the summer, personal funds, a combination of personal funds and Authorized Financial Aid or enrollment in the three month payment plan for summer.  For your convenience, online payments are accepted via your USF Connect account through the "View and Pay" portal under the Student Self Service tab.

Additional information regarding payment policies, payment methods including the payment plan, can be found on the USF One Stop website at www.usfca.edu/onestop.

Drop Deadline (100% Tuition Refund) / Withdrawal from the Program  

Students who wish to drop from the international externship program must do so by May 1, 2015 in order to receive a 100% tuition and fee refund.  The $350 tuition deposit is non-refundable.  

Students who withdraw from the program and/or the individual course after May 1st are not eligible for a tuition or fee refund.  Additionally, a neutral grade of “W” will be entered on the transcript.  Requests to withdraw from the program must be sent from the student's USF email address to lawsummerabroad@usfca.edu and must be sent on or before the last day of the program (i.e., China, Mexico and Vietnam - July 10, 2015; Czech Republic and Europe IP - July 31, 2015.)

Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage

According to University policy and upon registration, students must provide proof of health insurance coverage for the entire duration of the program (5 weeks or longer.)

Externship Requirements

Interns must file weekly timesheets and weekly reflections with the USF Program Director and the externship culminates in a 10-15 page paper.  The subject of the paper must be determined in consultation with the Director. The deadline for the paper is TBD.

Academic Policies

Please note the following limits set by our academic policies:

Non-Classroom Units: All externships earn non-classroom units and only a limited number may apply to the J.D. degree:

  • Students who entered law school in Fall 2011 or later may apply nineteen (19) non-classroom units to their degree.
  • Students who entered law school prior to Fall 2011 may apply twenty-one (21) non-classroom units to their degree.

The limitation applies to all externships and other non-classroom credit earning activities (including Directed Research, Street Law, advocacy competitions, journals, ASP tutors, etc.)

Part-time externships: A maximum of eight (8) units of part-time externship (civil, criminal, judicial) may be applied to the J.D. degree. This limitation does not include half-time (6 unit) externships.