2016 Reunion Gala Committee

Please join the 2016 Reunion Gala Committee - you are essential to making this reunion successful and fun!

Role of the Committee

  • Help create and promote a fun and memorable reunion event
  • Participate in at least 1-2 brief committee conference calls
  • Lend name to committee list to encourage classmates to attend
  • Contact at least 8-10 classmates personally to encourage reunion attendance
  • Lead by example:  register early and support USF Law by giving towards reunion gift

Joining the Reunion Committee is a fun and easy way to be involved in the life of the law school! You get to join with other classmates to help promote your reunion. Our office provides you with contact lists to reconnect with classmates, and we share simple ways to generate excitement for the event!  Interested?  Just email the Office of Development and Alumni Relations or call (415) 422-5457.

As a special thank you for being on the committee, you get special recognition at the event and the pleasure of seeing so many of your classmates in one place for an evening of great food and reminiscing!

Comittee Members

James Canty, Michael Carbone, Tom DeJonghe

Join today!

Dennis Davis, Forrest Dupre, Steve Fabian, Mike Fitzgerald, William Hammonds, Wes Higbie, Kathleen Kane, Martin Karlinsky, Peter Logan, Lynda Martyn, Mary Ann Mason, Carol Millie, Gary Mobley, Sam Neasham, Stephen Peck, Joseph Piasta
Ruth Rosen, Mattie Scott, Susan Seibert, Hon. Robert Twiss, Joseph Zoucha

Timothy Flaherty, Joyce Jaber

David Burnett, Kevin Holl, Suzanne Titus-Johnson, Denise Trani-Morris

Koorosh Afshari, Greg Blaine, Benjamin Spater

Carole Bellis, Patti Conway (Kantor), Stacy Miller Azcarate, Gigi Orta, Colin West, Colita Wittenkeller

Dale Major

Mike Hale, Abe Gupta

Lisa D'Annunzio, Ben Lewis, Jophiel Philips, Eli (Tirosh) Wagner