John Trasviña, Dean, USF School of Law

Dean's Message

Why Choose USF?

Welcome to the legal profession!

An education from the University of San Francisco School of Law will lead you to a lifetime of change — for yourself, your clients, and our society. As a USF-trained lawyer, you’ll build on your ethical values, sharpen your analytical and communication skills, and shape our society’s actions in response to critical challenges.

We provide our students with the client-focused, problem solving experiences that legal employers demand. Amidst the courtrooms, communities, and companies of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our students have direct involvement in one of the world’s most dynamic cities while learning from outstanding faculty. Through our clinics and externships, our students engage with the real world — whether they are helping a start-up with basic business and legal decisions, working at nearby state or federal courts for judges they might have met at a USF alumni event, or immersing themselves in an international human rights agency or U.S. law firm in Asia, Latin America, or Europe.

We offer award-winning teaching techniques in legal research and writing, internationally recognized trial advocacy trainers, and dedicated academic enrichment and career planning support from before the first day of class until after you graduate.

We are proud to be named the third most diverse law school in the nation and second best law school for Latino students in California. Our vast, supportive, and generous alumni network permeates the San Francisco bench and bar and spreads throughout California and across the nation. This means you will find mentors and models everywhere you look—in small and large law firms, nearby courthouses and startup companies, and elective offices.

All our efforts fulfill a common mission: to train skilled, ethical lawyers and leaders in service to justice in our city and across the nation. USF begins with you, and it starts now.


John Trasviña