2021 Law Review Symposium

Exploitation to Empowerment: Leveraging the Law for Survivors of Human Trafficking

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20 to 40 million people are trafficked domestically and internationally every year - creating a $150 billion dollar industry. This is modern-day slavery right in our backyards. Let’s collaborate among agencies and leverage the law to prevent, rescue, and empower victims of human trafficking. Panel topics will include advancements in technology, trauma-informed civil remedies, and a keynote on the Alameda County District Attorney’s HEAT Watch.

This year’s USF Law Review symposium will be formatted as a Zoom Webinar Series with events taking place on Jan 15, Jan 22, and Jan 29 from 12-1:30pm.

Browse the panel topics below, and scroll down to upcoming events to find out more about the speakers and event times.

Panel 1—Tech Innovations: Advancing the Counter-Attack on Human Trafficking

As technology rapidly evolves, we have a duty to capitalize on innovation by creating platforms that help victims of human trafficking. This panel will explore the need for harnessing technology to combat human trafficking and ways agencies can partner together in this fight. Panelists will touch on current platforms that help law enforcement find and rescue children, and ways technology can broaden the reach of buyer accountability.

Panel 2—Healing the Whole Person: 21st Century Civil Remedies

The government is responsible for holding perpetrators of human trafficking accountable criminally, but survivors need access to free legal representation for civil claims as well. How are larger corporations being held accountable for the facilitation or willful ignorance of trafficking that occurs on their watch? This panel will explore ways trauma can impact survivors, ways vicarious trauma impacts legal practitioners, and consider approaches to utilizing attorneys in a pro-bono capacity to help survivors heal.

Keynote Address—Alameda District Attorney Nancy O’Malley on Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEAT) Watch

HEAT Watch is a nationally recognized and award-winning program created by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Please join us for a keynote address by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley on this multi-disciplinary approach and its impact on combating human trafficking.