Advocacy Competition Teams

USF’s Advanced Moot Court Advocacy Competition Teams compete locally and nationally against other law schools in appellate and trial competitions each year, arguing the fine points of constitutional law, employment law, environmental law, and more. Every year approximately 40 USF law students participate on various advanced competition teams.

My experiences with the moot court competitions, trial practice class, and the narcotics prosecution clinic were invaluable. Standing up in court as a second year law student and arguing motions and assisting with a preliminary hearing—that's a very unique opportunity.


During 2018-2019 USF teams will compete in the following competitions:

  • American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition
  • Asylum and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition
  • Criminal Procedure Tournament
    (Kyle Moreno and Margaret Watts)
  • Gender and Sexuality Law Moot Court Competition
  • Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition
  • National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition
    (Dalton Bradbury, Mark Cotter, Nicole Fuller, and Simone Christen)
  • Saul Lefkowitz Intellectual Property Moot Court Competition
  • Thomas Tang International Moot Court Competition
    (Raul Jacobson and Sigourney Jellins)
  • Wagner Employment and Labor Law Moot Court Competition

The University of San Francisco School of Law’s Moot Court Program will be giving out two achievement awards this year. All Third year students participating on a moot court team are eligible. Team members will be nominated by the Moot Court Board and the winners will be selected by the Director. Each winner will receive $250 from CourtCall. Winners will be announced by April 1, 2019.

  • CourtCall Award for Best Trial Advocate: this will be given to the member of a trial advocacy team who contributes most to the success of their team. Criteria include: teamwork, effectiveness of direct and cross examination; persuasiveness of opening or closing statements; command of objections and responses to objections.
  • CourtCall Award for Best Appellate Advocate: this award will be given to the member of an appellate team who contributes most to the success of their team. Criteria include: teamwork; written advocacy; oral advocacy.