Hybrid Courses

Our hybrid courses combine classroom sessions with a simultaneous relevant externship, with an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts: the theoretical background in the classroom and the hands-on, practical experience of the externship.  

In 2017-2018, we offer TWO hybrid courses:

Data Privacy is taught by Professor Susan Friewald, a top authority on cyberlaw, information privacy law, and internet law. Students focus on developing practical skills for use after graduation while studying data privacy law rules and practices in the classroom and in externship placements. The coursework provides background for externships arranged through this course in private corporations, public agencies, law firms, or nonprofit groups, where students work on data privacy compliance, advising, and/or policy work. The class will also cover privacy problems that arise during the externships. Information Privacy Law or Cyber Law/Internet Law is a pre-requisite.  

Domestic Violence Law & Litigation, taught by Professor of Legal Writing Monalisa Vu and Adjunct Professor Stephen Murphy, provides an in-depth examination of domestic violence law. Students may opt to take the course with an externship at the Alameda County Family Justice Center legal clinic to supplement course learning, though it is not a condition of enrollment. Students examine domestic violence issues through studying domestic violence law, causation and solutions, and trauma-informed civil litigation practices. This course satisfies requirements for Professional Skills and Experiential Units.