Engaged Learning

Accessible faculty, broad academic opportunities, and real-world experience give our graduates a unique advantage in the field.

Set Your Own Goals

You can structure your legal education to meet your personal needs and career goals. Students earn their JD through full-time and part-time options, complete a certificate in six areas, participate in four dual-degree programs, or earn their LLM to further advance their education. 

Students and faculty meeting

Leading by Example

In our faculty, you’ll find seasoned educators, practitioners, and scholars who share a zeal for teaching and are ready to help you define your own career direction. Student-faculty research opportunities abound, and many students enrich their legal education by conducting academic research alongside our noted scholars.

Real, Practical Experience

We’ve designed programs that equip students with the skills they need to succeed before and after graduation.

The Academic Support Program (ASP) provides assistance to specially selected incoming students through a three-week summer program that introduces the challenges of law school with hands-on exercises and exam rehearsals during the students’ first-year. 

The Academic and Bar Exam Success Program (ABES) begins for all students the first day of orientation and ends after students take the bar examination. ABES encourages students to experiment with various study techniques and exam-taking strategies until the students discover what method works best for their learning style. The program also offers several workshops and classes that provide students with opportunities to complete practice exams, improve their self-assessment skills, and receive individualized feedback. At USF, we offer interactive lessons because we believe active learning and self-reflection are key to success.

Our demanding Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program helps students develop the essential skills they need to succeed as lawyers. Our Advanced Moot Court Programs are the follow-up to the writing program, where students gain advanced advocacy and leadership skills whether they are developing the case or participating in competitions. Last year, we placed first in the national JD division at the American Bar Association Law Student Tax Challenge and several of our other teams had national quarterfinalist and regional wins. 

Through one of our many law clinics, you could represent a child in juvenile proceedings, an elderly couple who lost their retirement funds due to poor financial counseling, or numerous others in need of legal assistance. The Entrepreneurial Ventures Legal Services Project, for example, combines the efforts of four clinics to offer legal advice and documents to start-ups.

Learning law is a total immersion experience at USF, and more than 147 students secured a civil, criminal, or judicial externship in 2016-2017. Through these opportunities, they assume real-world responsibilities and develop professional relationships in contexts identical to those in which they may eventually practice.

During the moot court program, our students build invaluable skills that prepare them for practice. At one competition in particular, they argued in front of intellectual property lawyers from Apple, Oracle, and top IP firms, making strong connections to professionals who can help them get their first jobs.