USF School of Law Launches Academic and Bar Exam Success Program

Posted Thu, 08/17/2017 - 15:38

The USF School of Law has revamped its programming in the areas of academic support and bar exam preparation with an eye toward maximizing student success during law school and improving the rate at which graduates pass the bar examination.

The Academic and Bar Exam Success Program (ABES) replaces Law+Plus and Bar+Plus. Assistant Professor Christina Chong has been appointed interim director of ABES.

Christina Chong
Assistant Professor and ABES Director Christina Chong

“With more than 10 years of teaching experience, much of it focusing on academic and bar success at USF, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley, Professor Chong is well-equipped to take on this  critical work,” Dean John Trasviña said.

In addition to Chong, ABES is staffed by Cometria Cooper ’09, who previously served as a career counselor in law school’s Office of Career Planning; Jamal Atiba ’15, who worked as an Academic Support Program (ASP) and Law+Plus tutor at USF; and Azin Abedian, who previously was a student support counselor and an academic development teaching assistant at Golden Gate University School of Law.

ABES puts law school academics and bar preparation under one umbrella, which allows faculty to support students starting the first day of orientation until the day they sit for the bar examination. ABES offers several workshops and classes that provide students with opportunities to complete practice exams, improve their self-assessment skills, and receive individualized feedback. The program also works closely with faculty to develop a curriculum that incorporates various learning theories and teaching techniques, such as learning styles and formative-assessment, to maximize students’ academic experience.

“As a community, we have truly bonded together to create a curriculum that will teach our students the skills necessary to succeed in law school, as a practicing attorney, and on the bar exam,” Chong said.