USF Law Scholars Recognized for their Impact

Posted Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:46

USF School of Law jumped ten spots — one of the largest increases this year — in the ranking of ABA-accredited law schools using the Leiter Score, which explores the scholarly impact of law faculties.

USF School of Law was 54th out of all ABA-accredited law schools. In addition to ranking schools for total law journal citations over the past five years, the report recognizes the top ten tenured professors at each school with the most citations. Below, meet USF's top ten faculty scholars as identified in the report.

“The Scholarly Impact Ranking is a well-respected assessment of the scholarly contributions of legal scholars across the country,” said Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship and Professor Tristin Green. “By studying how our scholarship builds through citations, we are given a sense of one key measure of our scholarly impact. We are proud of the excellent scholarship and strong scholarly community at USF Law. This ranking gives us further reason to believe that we are making a difference.” 

Susan FreiwaldInterim Dean Susan Freiwald

Data privacy, the intersection of communications technology and law
In the works: “The Carpenter Chronicle: A Near-Perfect Surveillance” in Harvard Law Review, co-authored with Stephen Wm. Smith, Stanford Law School

Davis JoshuaProfessor Joshua Davis

Complex litigation, ethics, and the interplay between the two
Recently published: “Restoring the Legitimacy of Private Antitrust Enforcement” in the American Antitrust Institute's A Report to the 45th President, co-authored with Robert H. Lande, University of Baltimore

Tristin GreenProfessor Tristin Green

Employment discrimination, inequality, and law
Recently published: Discrimination Laundering by Cambridge University Press

Debadj RezaProfessor Reza Dibadj

Corporate and securities law, administrative law and regulation
In the works: “Disclosure as Delaware’s New Frontier” in Hastings Law Journal

Bill HingProfessor Bill Ong Hing

Immigration law
Recently published: “Entering the New Trump ICE Age: Enforcement Regime” in Texas A&M Law Review

Julie NiceProfessor Julie Nice

Constitutional, poverty, and sexuality law
Recently published: “Conjuring ‘Equal Dignity’: Mapping the Constitutional Dialogue To and From Same-Sex Marriage” in Civil Rights Litigation Handbook

Michelle TravisProfessor Michelle Travis

Employment law with a focus on disability discrimination, sex discrimination, and work/family balance
Recently published: “Gendering Disability to Enable Disability Rights Law” in California Law Review

Tim IglesiasProfessor Tim Iglesias

Housing and property law
Recently published: “The Miranda App: Metaphor and Machine” in Boston University Law Review

Richard Leo Professor Richard Leo

Wrongful convictions and false confessions
Recently published: “The Miranda App: Metaphor and Machine” in Boston University Law Review

Alice KaswanProfessor Alice Kaswan

Climate change and environmental justice
Recently published: “Energy, Governance, and Market Mechanisms” in Miami Law Review