USF Law In the News

USF School of Law professors, students, and programs often garner coverage in the local, national, and international media. The following are highlights of recent coverage.

Black workers’ class-action suit vs. San Francisco was a long time coming Mission Local 12/13/20 Prof. Tristin Green
For insight into DA-elect Jason Williams reforms, look to 'progressive prosecutors' 12/12/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Nonprofits Combat COVID Stress One Breath, One Community at a Time NonProfit Quarterly 12/11/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
DACA Ruling KCBS Radio 12/5/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Can Trump's 'Invisible Wall' Of Immigration Policies Be Dismantled? Take Two 11/19/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Trump election lawyers on trial in court of public opinion France 24 11/13/20 Prof. Joshua Davis
Celebrating Biden Not Trump Reflects the Scourge of Scottish Politics The National - Scotland 11/10/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Kamala Harris will be the first African American Woman to be Vice President of the United States The Costa Rica News 11/9/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Kamala Harris: On the cusp of US election history Yahoo News 10/30/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
‘You Put a Lot of Black Brothers Away’: Kamala Harris Responds to Jermaine Dupri’s Concerns About Her Record as a Prosecutor Atlanta Black Star 10/27/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
A devout Catholic and Orthodox interpreter of the Constitution PledgeTimes 10/18/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Black immigrants find camaraderie, divide amid protests Fox 13 10/17/20 Prof. Bill Hing
What Iowa could learn from Kamala Harris about reducing prison populations The Gazette 10/13/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Trump’s taxes; What criminal justice reform bills Gov Newsom did and didn’t sign; Plus stories from the Glass Fire: how the evacuations are impacting seniors, ag workers and day laborers 94.1 KPFA 10/1/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Collective Trauma Summit Highlights the Healing Power of Contemplative Practices BuddhistDoor 9/29/20 Prof. Rhonda Magee
City Visions: The Case Against the Electoral College 91.7 FM San Francisco KALW 9/28/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Gender Treason and the Supreme Court Splice Today 9/28/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Who is Amy Coney Barrett? Everything you need to know as Trump nominates conservative to Supreme Court panel 9/27/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Highly Qualified' or a 'Tainted Nomination': Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Divides Legal Community | The National Law Journal 9/26/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Amy Coney Barrett Is No Ruth Bader Ginsburg The New York Times 9/26/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Could Trump's proposed visa rule cause foreign students to forgo US colleges? Education Dive 9/25/20 Prof. Bill Hing
VP nominee Kamala Harris to play key role in SCOTUS confirmation hearings 9/21/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Biden likely to tap Kamala Harris to prosecute Trump court pick 9/20/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon 
SF DA seeks to overturn wrongful convictions through ‘Innocence Commission’  Mission Local 9/18/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
District Attorney to Review Wrongful Criminal Convictions SF Gate 9/17/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon 
 Mounting climate cases expand Big Oil's legal battlefield E&E News 9/16/20 Prof. Alice Kaswan 

Contra Costa County Library Launches Countywide Read

East County Today 9/4/20 Prof. Bill Hing

Harris under scruity for tough-on-crime prosecuter past

Brinkwire 8/26/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

US Immigration Reverses Plan to Furlough More than 13,000 Workers at the End of this Month

KCBS Radio 8/25/20 Prof. Bill Hing

Kamala Harris Has a Lot Going for Her but Her Old Positions Come Under the Scanner

The Wire 8/23/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

Was Kamala Harris a Progressive Prosecutor? A Look at Her Time as a DA & California Attorney General

Democracy Now! 8/13/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

How Kamala Harris found the political identity that had eluded her

WTVB 8/12/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

Harris and Biden once were at odds on criminal justice issues. Finding common ground helped lead him to pick her as his running mate.

The Washington Post 8/12/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

Biden's VP pick: Who is the front-runner Kamala Harris?

BBC 8/11/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

San Francisco's death row is now empty, but California still has the most inmates with death sentences of any state

Business Insider 7/30/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

From 9/11 to Portland, it was inevitable ‘Homeland Security’ would be turned on the American people | Will Bunch

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/30/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

New international students taking all online classes can't enter US, ICE says

Education Dive 7/25/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

California laws likely to override Trump rule on transgender homeless shelter stays

San Francisco Chronicle 7/24/20 Prof. Luke Boso

The Supreme Court Upheld DACA But The Trump Administration Hasn’t Let Immigrants Apply For It

Forbes 7/17/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Supreme Court Saves DACA but Essential Workers Still Struggle Amid Pandemic

El Tecolote 7/17/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Despite Supreme Court's Ruling On DACA, Trump Administration Rejects New Applicants

NPR 7/16/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Trump administration rescinds policy barring foreign students from online classes

Education Dive 7/15/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Can the lawsuit filed by Harvard and MIT block new U.S. visa rule?

CGTN 7/14/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

We Spoke to One of the International Students Targeted by Trump’s New Rule. Here’s What She Said.

Courier 7/10/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

It’s Time to Create a Right to an Immigration Attorney

Slate 7/8/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

What Happens Next for DACA?

Inside Higher Ed 7/6/20 Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Carbon pricing is not enough to fight climate change

The Hill 7/6/20 Prof. Alice Kaswan

Can ‘Mainstream’ DAs Become Restorative Justice Supporters?

The Crime Report 7/1/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

San Jose man exonerated after 17 years behind bars sues for wrongful conviction

The Mercury News 6/29/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

Kamala Harris’s Police Reform Push Becomes Running Mate Tryout

BNN Bloomberg 6/29/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon

Democrats face make-or-break moment on police reform

The Hill 6/23/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Legal Experts Question Use Of Federal Law To Prosecute Torching Of Empty NYPD Patrol Car During Protests The Appeal 6/23/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
President Trump Puts an End to Temporary Work Visas KCBS 6/23/20 Prof. Bill Hing
A Close Look at High Court's DACA Ruling Law360 6/23/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Supreme Court Ruling Relieves DACA Students and Energizes Activism The Chronicle of Higher Ed 6/18/20 Prof. Bill Hing
U.S. Supreme Court rules job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is illegal San Francisco Chronicle 6/15/20 Prof. Luke Boso
Black Lives Matter and the Environment Center for Progressive Reform 6/10/20 Prof. Alice Kaswan
Five Books On Systemic Racism Every White Leader Can Learn From Center for Compassionate Leadership 6/9/20 Prof. Rhonda Magee
Book Excerpt: The Inner Work of Racial Justice Goop 6/8/20 Prof. Rhonda Magee
As Bay Area curfews lift, San Jose police, city defend use of force at protests Mercury News 6/5/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
How to talk to kids about work The Inclusion School Podcast 5/17/20 Prof. Michelle Travis
Federal Judge Orders Release of ICE Detainees in Ohio Affected by Virus Courthouse News Service 5/14/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Facing protests, Newsom says easing stay-at-home rules could be ‘days’ away Los Angeles Times 5/2/20 Prof. Julie Nice
Dads for daughters work and life podcast 5/2/20 Prof. Michelle Travis
"With no coronavirus cases, a California county defies Gov. Newsom and reopens" Los Angeles Times 5/1/20 Prof. Julie Nice
Everyone’s panicked’: Trump’s immigration order could have long-term effects for Texas Express News 4/23/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Trump’s coronavirus immigration ban: Unclear if courts will uphold it San Francisco Chronicle 4/22/20 Prof. Bill Hing
Work on the Dark Side: An Inside Look at Guantanamo LA Review of Books 4/16/20 Prof. Peter Jan Honigsberg
Trump Has Achieved His Goal of Abolishing Asylum Slate 4/10/20 Prof. Bill Hing
New Report Says CA Voters Support Releasing Many Vulnerable People From Prison Due To COVID-19 Dangers Witness LA 4/10/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Coronavirus could alter climate litigation. Here's how ClimateWire 4/9/20 Prof. Alice Kaswan
One sure cure for the quarantine blues: A family pillow fight The Washington Post 3/30/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
Santa Clara County DA draws fire for hiring SF prosecutor in Jamal Trulove wrongful conviction case Mercury News 3/18/20 Prof. Lara Bazelon
#MeToo Doesn't Always Have to Mean Prison The New York Times 3/2/20 Prof. Bazelon
Why Has Jackie Lacey's Conviction Review Unit Exonerated So Few People? The Appeal 2/27/20 Prof. Bazelon
New green card rules scare thousands into droping benefits, like food stamps KTVU 2/26/20 Prof. Hing
A Progressive Prosecutor Pledged to Reform the System. The System's Fighting Back. Slate 2/25/20 Prof. Bazelon
Trump's Changes to Immigration Could Take Years to Undo — Even With a New President KQED 2/18/20 Prof. Hing
Asian American sheriff in California vows to protect immigrants from Trump policies USA Today 2/16/20 Prof. Hing
How the Bay Area Housing Crisis Spiraled Out of Control NBC Bay Area 2/9/20 Prof. Iglesias
The future of cash bail in California Los Angeles Times 1/24/20 Prof. Bazelon
Are Democrats Getting the Trial They Want? The Bulwark 1/24/20 Prof. Bazelon
Guantánamo human rights abuses must not be forgotten The Mercury News 1/21/20 Prof. Honigsberg
Impeachment Managers Shoul Forget the Senate and Focus on the Real Jury: Voters The Washington Post 1/17/20 Prof. Bazelon
Letters and Politics KPFA 1/16/20 Prof. Honigsberg
Majority Report The Majority Report 1/13/20 Prof. Honigsberg
Why Did San Francisco's New District Attorney Fire Seven Prosecutors? KQED 1/12/20 Prof. Bazelon
Chesa Boudin Sworn In as San Francisco's New District Attorney The Appeal 1/9/20 Prof. Bazelon
The Suspect Next Door SF Chronicle 1/9/20 Prof. Leo
Can S.F.'s Chesa Boudin Flip the Script for the Nation's Progressive DAs? KQED 1/8/20 Prof. Bazelon
Learning to See Our Racial Biases with Rhonda Magee Tricycle 12/26/19 Prof. Magee
Government Watchdog: ICE Isn't Tracking All the Parents it Detains KQED 12/16/19 Prof. Hing
"ICE Stands by Fake University Used to Lure in Foreign Students, Says It's Evidence People 'Exploit' Visa System" Newsweek 12/9/19 Prof. Hing
"Climate cases may see ripple effect from Superfund battle" Climatewire 11/27/19 Prof. Kaswan
"Ice Operation That Arrested Hundreds Of Foreign Students At Fake University May Not Be Legal, Immigration Attorney Says" Newsweek 11/27/19 Prof. Hing
"How Betsy Devos Is Changing Rules On Sexual Misconduct On Campus" WCBI 11/24/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Innocent on death row?" NNY360 11/24/19 Prof. Leo
"DACA: The Future of Dreamers – And of One Lawyer Who Represents Them – Is in the Hands of the Supreme Court" Siliconeer 11/23/19 Prof. Hing
"CBSN Originals: Are Title IX guidelines working" CBSN 11/21/19 Prof. Bazelon
"New Roadblocks to Legal Immigration" KCBS Radio 11/18/19 Prof. Hing
"Now We See You: The Reid Technique and ‘When They See Us’" New York Law Journal 11/14/19 Visiting Prof. Strang
"After decades visiting his parents in prison, this lawyer wants to be San Francisco’s next DA" The Washington Post 11/04/19 Prof. Bazelon
"The Trump administration wants to end California’s cap-and-trade program" Marketplace 10/23/19 Prof. Kaswan
"Police consulting firm behind widely criticized ‘Reid technique’ claims Netflix drama When They See US misrepresents method" The Gaurdian 10/16/19 Prof. Leo
"Confessions made him the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. But is he telling the truth?" Washington Post 10/12/2019 Prof. Leo
"What 2 Deep-Dive Books on Kavanaugh Taught Me About Truth in the Trump Era" Politico 9/29/19 Prof. Bazelon
"In Trump’s Brawl With California, the Law Is With California—but Will That Matter?" Mother Jones 9/20/19 Prof. Kaswan
"Despite DNA evidence of innocence, W. Va. man who pled guilty remains locked up" Injustice Watch 9/19/19 Prof. Leo
"We Need Not Live 9/11 Again" SF Chronicle 9/11/19 Prof. Honigsberg
"Can Trump Turn Away Most Asylum-Seekers to the U.S.? Courts Likely to Weigh in on New Policy" KQED’s California Report  7/16/19 Prof. Hing
"2019’s Best Big Cities to Live in" WalletHub 7/16/19 Prof. Iglesias
"Immigration Raids Vowed by Trump Fail to Materialize" The Crime Report 7/15/19 Prof. Hing
"Morning Report" The Hill 7/15/19 Prof. Hing
"Mass UCE roundup not seen" Chicago Daily Herald 7/15/19 Prof. Hing
"As immigrant families wait in dread, no sign of large-scale enforcement raids" Washington Post 7/14/19 Prof. Hing
"Mom Admits She Puts Her Job Before Her Kids, And Doesn't Care What You Think" 7/12/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Trump's hard-line immigration policies build on the history of former US presidents" PRI 7/12/19  Prof. Hing 
"The Waves: The “Hanna and Noreen’s Last Show” Edition" Slate 7/11/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Nationwide ICE Raids Begin Sunday" KCBS Radio 7/11/19 Prof. Hing
"On the Move" Diverse Issues in Higher Education 7/10/19 Dean Freiwald
"University of San Francisco professor shares how she finds work-life balance" ABC7 Midday Live 7/9/19 Prof. Bazelon
"New Democracy in an old one: Greece’s election" Economist Radio 7/5/19 Prof. Hing
"Where Do the Nation’s Values and Morality Stand on This 4th of July?" Background Briefing with Ian Masters 7/4/19 Prof. Hing
"The Debate Regarding Working Moms Rages On, But With A Twist" Forbes 7/4/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Letters: Striking a Balance Between Work and Family" New York Times  7/4/19 Prof. Bazelon
"'I prioritize my work because I'm ambitious': Mom sparks debate about prioritizing work over kids" ABC13 Eyewitness News  7/3/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Reports of disturbing detention conditions on border spark protests in SF" San Francisco Chronicle  7/2/19 Prof. Hing
"Kings of Deportation" In the Thick  7/2/19 Prof. Hing
"Mother pens New York Times article saying women can choose work over family time" ABC6 Action News  7/2/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris Says She Was a Progressive Prosecutor. Her Record Tells Another Story" Democracy Now 7/2/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Mom says she has 'picked my job over my kids' in opinion essay, sparks debate" Good Morning America 7/2/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Say it ain't so, Joe" Chicago Sun-Times 7/1/19 Prof. Bazelon
“Some Did Not Have Socks. Their Hair Was Dirty.” Slate 7/1/19 Prof. Hing
"I’ve Picked My Job Over My Kids" New York Times 6/29/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Democratic Debates, Border Detention Conditions, Supreme Court Rulings" KQED Newsroom 6/28/19 Prof. Hing
"Ears and a Tail" Durango Herald 6/28/19 Prof. Bazelon
"The Rick Unger Show" KKSF-AM  6/28/19 Prof. Hing
"Transitions" Chronicle of Higher Education 6/26/19 Dean Freiwald
"Border Patrol argues child treatment at Clint migrant facility not as described, gives access to Texas station" Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer 6/26/19 Prof. Hing
"U.S. returns 100 migrant children to overcrowded border facility as HHS says it is out of space" Washington Post 6/25/19 Prof. Hing
"Trump EPA claims new power plant rule would improve health of minority and low-income communities. Don't believe it." Media Matters 6/24/19 Prof. Kaswan
"Why Los Angeles Could Be the Setting for the ‘Most Important D.A. Race’ in the U.S." New York Times 6/21/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Mindfulness Is Everywhere. Is It Working For Everyone?" WBUR 6/21/19 Prof. Magee
"From WWII incarceration camps to the Muslim ban, lawyers speak out against exclusion" KALW 6/20/19 Prof. Hing
"University of San Francisco Interim Law Dean Gets a Job Upgrade" The Recorder 6/14/19 Dean Freiwald
“Kamala Harris Gambles on a Risky Embrace of Her Record as a Prosecutor” Bloomberg 6/11/19 Prof. Bazelon
“Warren’s Wealth Tax Isn’t Enough” Slate 6/10/19 Prof. Bazelon
“Kamala Harris Didn’t Act for 5 Years on Policy to Help Ensure Fair Trials” Wall Street Journal 6/10/19 Prof. Bazelon
“Linda Fairstein’s Central Park Five role is a case study for restorative justice” Los Angeles Times 6/7/19 Prof. Bazelon
“Vietnamese men denied visas for life-saving transplant for brother in San Jose” San Francisco Chronicle 6/7/19 Prof. Hing
"Inside the Courtroom Where Teens Are Suing the Government Over the Climate Crisis" Vice 6/5/19 Prof. Kaswan
"Antitrust data reveals vital role of private actions, illustrates need to pass FAIR Act" The Hill 5/28/2019 Prof. Davis
"Harvard’s Harvey Weinstein Mess" Slate 5/17/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Trump's Push to Detain More Migrant Families Is Risky and Inhumane, Advocates Warn" KQED 5/15/2019 Prof. Hing
"Kamala Harris Spent a Career Opposite Public Defenders. Now She Wants Them to Get Paid More." Mother Jones 5/15/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Private Antitrust Settlements Total Grew to $5 Billion in 2018" Bloomberg Law 5/14/2019 Prof. Davis
"Kamala Harris working hard to get on the left side of history" Daily News, Whittier Daily News 5/14/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Supreme Court says iPhone users can pursue antitrust case against Apple and its App Store" The Week 5/14/2019 Prof. Davis
"High court says Apple lawsuit can move ahead" Associated Press, USA Today 5/14/2019 Prof. Davis
"A Supreme Court Dissent Has People Worried About Roe V. Wade" Bustle 5/13/2019 Prof. Manian
"Harvard Shouldn’t Punish Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney" Slate 5/13/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Power Up: Kamala Harris, seeking to change her narrative, proposes relief for public defenders" The Washington Post 5/8/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Why are so few women sentenced to death?" Alive 11 5/1/2019 Emeritus Prof. Shatz
"Alameda County District Attorney releases records from lurid police sexual misconduct cases" East Bay Times 4/17/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house" Chicago Tribune 4/8/2019 Prof. Iglesias
"Black Voters Weigh In On 2020 Candidates At National Action Network Convention" KSRO Radio 4/5/2019 Prof. Iglesias
"Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house" Komo News 4/4/2019 Prof. Iglesias
"San Francisco suburb says 'Yabba Dabba Don't' to Flintstones house, owner fighting back" Fox News 4/4/2019 Prof.  Iglesias
"Yabba dabba don't: San Francisco suburb rejects Flintstones house" ABC 10 4/3/2019 Prof. Iglesias
"Julie Nice on the Mueller Report" ABC 7 News 3/25/2019 Prof. Nice
"Talking Restorative Justice With Lara Bazelon" Law 360 3/24/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"SF judge challenges Trump policy requiring asylum seekers to return to Mexico" San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/2019 Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
"San Francisco’s new Public Defender, Manojar Raju: Plus: Mandatory minimum sentencing and the path to decarceration" KPFA 3/12/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Voices: Richard Leo" Death Penalty Focus 3/8/2019 Prof. Leo
"Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 months in Prison" KQED 3/8/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Dismissing the Green New Deal as overreaching 'socialism' ignores reality of climate crisis" The Hill 2/28/2019 Prof. Kaswan
"California Attorney General Xavier Beccera faces criticism from criminal justice reformers" Cal Watchdog 2/25/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Willie McCoy Was ‘Riddled With Bullets’ After Police Shot Him at Taco Bell, Lawyer Says" New York Times 2/21/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Indiana seeks to uphold conviction after hypnosis bolstered identification" Injustice Watch 2/20/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Immigrant advocacy groups seek restraining order to block Trump asylum policy" The Hill 2/20/2019 Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
"Groups seek restraining order to block Trump asylum policy" WRAL 2/20/2019 Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
"SPLC sues Trump administration for policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico" SPL Center 2/14/2019 Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
"Nonprofit Collaborative Gets $550K For Immigrant Deportation Defense"
SF Gate 2/12/2019 Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
"Klobuchar’s Prosecutor Past Could Haunt Her Presidential Bid" The Daily Beast 2/10/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Entrapment of undocumented students is not okay" The Lumberjack 2/7/2019 Prof. Hing
"Kamala Harris announces 2020 presidential bid at rally in Oakland" El Tecolote 1/31/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"U.S. set up a fake university to nab immigration fraud suspects" NBC News 1/30/2019 Prof. Hing
"Harris Defends Criminal Justice Record During Iowa Town Hall" CBS SF 1/29/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris officially launches 2020 presidential campaign" KPAX 1/27/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"'That's Not Our America': Kamala Harris Officially Launches Presidential Bid in Oakland" KQED 1/27/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris Launches White House Bid, Hits Trump's 'Medieval' Wall" US News 1/27/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Sizing up the candidates vying for the US presidency" Evening Standard 1/25/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Supes appear set to relax sanctuary law for accused rapist, but doubts persist" SF Chronicle 1/24/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Did Kamala Harris’ Berkeley childhood shape the presidential hopeful?" Berkeleyside 1/24/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris: How 2020 hopeful could radically transform America's criminal justice system" The Independent 1/24/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris and the Rise of Progressive Prosecutors" Slate 1/23/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"The two areas Kamala Harris is most vulnerable to political attacks" The San Diego Union Tribune 1/23/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"An Assessment of the Latest Democrat Running for President, Senator Kamala Harris" KPFK-FM 1/21/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris officially enters 2020 US presidential race" The Guardian 1/21/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris' record as 'progressive prosecutor' facing new scrutiny as she eyes 2020 run" Fox News 1/19/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris takes hits on her criminal justice record" CNN, ABC7 News 1/18/19 Prof. Bazelon
"Kamala Harris Was Not a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’" The New York Times 1/17/2019 Prof. Bazelon
"After 17 years, Guantanamo still erodes U.S. commitment to the rule of law" The Washington Post 1/11/2019 Prof. Honigsberg
"Sanctuary policies criticized again after officer’s slaying. Here’s a look at the issues" San Francisco Chronicle 12/31/2018 Prof. Hing
"Stephen Reinhardt: The Liberal Judge With a Fighting Spirit" Politico Magazine 12/30/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Mental disabilities cast doubt on defendants’ guilty pleas" Injustice Watch 12/21/2018 Prof. Leo
"A Federal Takeover of NYCHA?; President Trump's Company Made Money From His Inauguration; Amazon's Other Hub; Restorative Justice" WNYC 12/18/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Criminal Justice Advocate Says Recognizing Wrongful Convictions Is Only Half The Struggle" KERA News 12/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"This professor started a legal clinic for black students accused of rape. She’s getting threats" The College Fix 12/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"How false confessions became an American criminal justice phenomenon" Mic 12/14/2018 Prof. Leo
"Texas judge who approved plea deal for alleged Baylor University rapist faces public backlash" USA Today 12/13/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Liberal Law Professor Backs Betsy DeVos’s Efforts to Restore Due Process on Campus" Legal Insurrection 12/11/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Law Professor Praises Devos's Proposed Title IX changes" Daily Caller 12/10/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"The Ghost Ship fire two years later: Will massive lawsuit finally lead to accountability?" Mercury News 12/2/2018 Prof. Davis
"Trump gambled big on sanctuary cities. Could he lose big?" San Francisco Chronicle 11/27/2018 Prof. Hing
"Landmark California law bars prosecutors from pursuing murder charges against people who didn't commit murder" The Intercept 11/23/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"This Is What Wrongful Conviction Does to a Family" Politico Magazine 11/12/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"‘Paper Chase’ author John Jay Osborn’s novel ideas just pop into his brain" Mercury News 11/8/2018 Prof. Osborn
"The Constitutional Legacy of Lynching Victim Ed Johnson—Where Are We Now?" American Bar Association 11/7/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Trump asks Supreme Court to bypass lower courts and rule on DACA" SF Chronicle 11/5/2018 Prof. Hing
"Rectify: Interview with Lara Bazelon" C-Span 11/1/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Will Donald Trump be breaking the law with new asylum policy? Immigration experts question legality of proposal" Newsweek 11/1/2018 Prof. Hing
"Miranda in translation: ABA pilot project tests tools to help police deliver effective Miranda warnings in Spanish" ABA Journal 11/1/2018 Prof. Leo
"The Power of Restorative Justice After Wrongful Conviction" Undisclosed Podcast 10/30/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"The VHS Hunt" PodBean 10/30/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Bay Area Law Professors Call Trump's Plan to End Birthright Citizenship 'Ludicrous'" KQED 10/30/2018 Prof. Hing, Prof. Nice, Prof. Manian, Prof. Brown Scott
"What would California look like without birthright citizenship?" Mercury News 10/30/2018 Prof. Hing
"Prosecutor Says Victim's Last Words Tie Suspect To Fatal Shooting" SF Gate 10/30/2018 Prof. Leo

"Do female lawyers in the US face prejudice in court?"

BBC News 10/30/2018 Prof. Bazelon

"Expert Opinions Divided After Judge’s Pivot in Monsanto Ruling"

Courthouse News Service 10/25/2018 Prof. Davis

Trump rolls back clean air standards as air quality worsens

Fresno Bee 10/24/2018 Prof. Kaswan

Star witness in Santa Clara paramedic’s murder doesn’t ID main suspect; expert brought in on false confessions

East Bay Times 10/24/2018 Prof. Leo
"Trump is wrong: ‘Caravan’ migrants can apply for asylum at US border" Talk Media News 10/22/2018 Prof. Hing
"With Kavanaugh on Court, Abortion Rights Groups Sharpen Their Focus on the States" New York Times 10/19/2018 Prof. Manian
"Police Have Been Ordered To Return California Man’s Personal Marijuana Stash" The Fresh Toast 10/18/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Man accused in gruesome double murder walks free, charges dismissed in ’09 killing" Fresno Bee 10/18/2018 Prof. Chatfield
"Christine Blasey Ford’s Memory of Her Assault Isn’t a Case of Mistaken Identity" Slate 10/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Court: California judges shielded from federal pot charges" KSBY 6 10/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Court says SF police have to return a man’s seized marijuana" SF Chronicle 10/15/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Kavanaugh testimony compelled a massive number of legal scholars to speak out" The Washington Post 10/5/2018 Interim Dean Freiwald
"Calls for Senate to Block Kavanaugh Nomination Grows" NBC News 10/4/2018 Prof. Davis
"Bay Area Law Professors Among 2,400 Stating Opposition To Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination" CBS 10/4/2018 Prof. Kaswan
The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh — The New York Times 10/3/2018 Interim Dean Freiwald, Prof. Davis, Prof. de la Vega, Prof. Geevargis, Prof. Green, Prof. Kaswan, Prof. Manian, Prof. Travis, Prof. Wright
"The Kavanaugh Hearings Have Demonstrated How Desperately America Needs Restorative Justice" Slate 10/2/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Week in politics: Exploring the scope of FBI’s Kavanaugh inquiry, the big takeaways from ‘New NAFTA’ and more" KPCC Airtalk 10/1/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"5 Questions: Rhonda Magee" The Highlands Current 10/1/2018 Prof. Magee
"Gov. Jerry Brown signs landmark laws that unwind decades of secrecy surrounding police misconduct, use of force" Los Angeles Times 9/30/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Supreme Fiasco: Did the Kavanaugh Drama Just Break the Senate?" Politico Magazine 9/28/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"'A lesson in real time': Law students talk legal impact of Brett Kavanaugh hearing" ABC7 News 9/27/2018 Prof. Manian& Prof.Nice
"Professor: Hiring woman prosecutor 'offensive'" CNN 9/26/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"A third accuser comes out against Kavanaugh, a day before Senate committee hearing" KPCC AirTalk 9/26/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Third woman’s shocking allegations against Brett Kavanaugh" KCRW 9/26/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Man Up, Grassley. Question Blasey Ford Yourself." The New York Times 9/24/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"As second Kavanaugh accuser comes forward, we discuss where the Senate confirmation stands" KPCCAirTalk 9/24/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Political strategy, criminal trial and Title IX analogies: we analyze the terms Blasey Ford set for Senate testimony" KPCC AirTalk 9/21/2018 Prof. Bazelon

"Student Video Fuels School Free-Speech Debate"

Courthouse News Service 9/18/2018 Prof. Boso
"Is Kavanaugh in trouble?" KGO Radio 9/17/2018 Prof. Davis
"GOP Eyes Bills, Guidance To Limit Nationwide Injunctions of EPA Policies" Inside EPA 9/14/2018 Prof. Kaswan
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