USF Law In the News

USF School of Law professors, students, and programs often garner coverage in the local, national, and international media. The following are highlights of recent coverage.

""I wouldn't change a thing": J Thomas McCarthy reflects on a career in trademarks"  World Trademark Review  6/12/2018  Prof. McCarthy
"Using Mindfulness To Combat Social Bias"  Above the Law  6/4/2018 Prof. Magee
"Judge criticized in Brock Turner sex assault case faces recall vote"  NBC News 6/5/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"¿Por qué la Corte Suprema falló a favor del pastelero que se negó a hacer la torta de boda de una pareja homosexual?"  Univisión  6/4/2018 Prof. de la Vega
"District Attorney Michael Ramos is a roadblock to justice"  The Sun, San Bernardino  6/1/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Should the Movement to Oust Bad Prosecutors Go After Judges Next?"  Slate 6/1/2018  Prof. Bazelon
"Trump cancels summit, citing ‘open hostility' by North Korea"  KRON 4  5/24/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"They came here as refugees. Now the U.S. may be deporting some Vietnamese nationals."  NBC News 5/23/2018  Prof. Hing
"WTR Industry Awards 2018: winning trademark teams and individuals announced"  World Trademark Review  5/23/2018 Prof. McCarthy
"Abortion Restrictions Grow Under the Trump Administration: The White House and some states are enacting new rules that could dramatically limit abortion access."  National Journal Daily  5/21/2018  Prof. Manian
"Plenty of Legal Issues Come With Endless Possibilities of AI"  San Diego Business Journal 5/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Sessions takes key authority away from immigration judges"  San Francisco Chronicle  5/17/2018 Prof. Hing
"No one knows how Google Duplex will work with eavesdropping laws" The Verge 5/16/2018 Prof. Monroe
"Burgund: Wife abused him, persuaded him to falsely confess sexual abuse"  The Telegraph  5/14/2018 Prof. Leo
"Twitter to Channel Walmart Legal Victory in Discrimination Suit" Bloomberg Quint 5/10/2018 Prof. Green
"The New ICE Age: An Agency Unleashed" The New York Review of Books 5/2/2018 Prof. Hing
"Lawyers have enhanced duty of confidentiality when engaging in public commentary" ABA Journal 5/1/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Group Addresses Incarceration Among Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders" Diverse Issues in Education 5/1/2018 Prof. Hing
"In light of Central American migrants reaching border, we get a primer on asylum law" 89.3 KPCC 4/20/2018 Prof. Hing
"SF judges say campaign rhetoric skewing June election" SF Examiner 4/28/2018 Dean John Trasviña
"The murder he didn't do: Why the innocent confess to guilt" The Star-Ledger 4/22/2018 Prof. Leo
"ICE Cold: How a Loyal Obama Bureaucrat Became the Face of Trump’s Deportation Force" Mother Jones 4/13/2018 Prof. Hing
"San Francisco joins suit to fight Trump administration over census citizenship question" San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate, Loredo Morning Times 4/3/2018 Prof. Hing
"The Unforgiven" The Progressive 4/1/2108 Prof. Hing
"What Michael Blagg said when police weren’t around' NBC 9 News Denver 3/28/2018 Prof. Leo
"ICE gained access to Santa Clara County inmates, breaching sanctuary policies" San Francisco Chronicle 3/27/2018 Prof. Hing
"Low-income housing developer files civil rights complaint against Broadmoor Bluffs neighbors" The Gazette, Colorado Springs 3/25/2018 Prof. Iglesias
"Facebook debacle could force US to catch up with Europe in privacy rules" San Francisco Chronicle 3/23/2018 Prof. Freiwald
"Supreme Court To Decide Scope Of Trump's Power To Detain Criminal Immigrants" The Newburgh Gazette 3/20/2018 Prof. Hing
"U.S. Supreme Court to rule on no-bail jailing of immigrants who’ve served criminal terms" SF Gate 3/20/2018 Prof. Hing
"In San Francisco, Newsom policy reported undocumented youth to ICE" The Mercury News 3/20/2018 Prof. Hing
"Facebook says you 'own' all the data you post. Not even close, says privacy experts" The Los Angeles Times, Allentown Morning Call 3/19/2018 Prof. Freiwald
"California Judge Warns Against Rise of Partisanship in Judicial Elections" Courthouse News Service 3/16/2018 Prof. Davis
"The Tragedy And Uselessness Of Torture" Inquistr 3/15/2019 Prof. Honigsberg
Professor Hing on the sanctuary state lawsuit filed by Jeff Sessions against California WGN Radio 3/14/2018 Prof. Hing
"Feds’ Chances in California Sanctuary Fight Get Mixed Reviews" Couthouse News Service 3/9/2018 Prof. Hing
"We're About To Find Out What Happens When A Liberal State Asserts Its Right Not To Follow A Federal Law" BuzzFeed News 3/8/2018 Prof. Hing
"Oakland Mayor responds to Trump calling her a 'disgrace'" Kron 4 3/8/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Jeff Sessions’ misleading claim: California bans police cooperation with ICE" PolitiFact California 3/7/2018 Prof. Hing
"Official blames Oakland mayor for 800 missed arrests" The Associated Press 3/1/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"California mayor gives illegal immigrants heads-up about impending ICE operation" The Blaze 2/26/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Warning of ICE action, Oakland mayor takes Trump resistance to new level" The San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate 2/25/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Mayor Farrell Advances Plan for Municipal Fiber Internet" Bay City Beacon 2/25/2018 Prof. Freiwald
Civics 101 A Podcast: The Thirteenth Amendment New Hampshire Public Radio   2/20/2018 Prof. Ontiveros
"California law school deans ask for new investigation in Kevin Cooper, 1983 Chino Hills homicide case"  The Daily Bulletin, The San Bernardino County Sun  2/20/2018 Dean John Trasviña
"Big Oil’s Global Warming Case Could Hinge on Jurisdiction"  Courthouse News Service  2/16/2018 Prof. Kaswan
 "A clash of Silicon Valley Titans end with an unexpected settlement."  CBS This Morning 2/10/2018 Prof. Franklyn
"​Court rules Los Angeles sheriff violated immigrants' rights"  89.3 KPCC 2/09/2018  Prof. Hing
Professor Franklyn on Uber and Waymo Settlement BBC News 2/05/2018 Prof. Franklyn
"A Short, Brutal History of ICE" Splinter News  2/02/2018 Prof. Hing
"Public defender urges SF to end gang injunctions against minorities" San Francisco Examiner   2/01/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"‘Hamid didn’t want to go.’ Lawyers say FBI coerced terror defendant to falsely confess" The Sacramento Bee   1/29/2018  Prof. Leo
"Court to decide whether Lodi man was wrongly convicted of terrorism"   San Francisco Chronicle  1/29/2018 Prof. Leo
"Cyntoia Brown and the Years Lost by Juvenile Lifers"  In Justice Today 1/29/2018 Prof. de la Vega
"Trump’s immigration plan puts Democrats in a vise"  San Francisco Chronicle, WRAL  1/27/2018 Dean John Trasviña
"Defending Wrongful Convictions"  NPR's Midday on WYNC  1/24/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Schools, groups plan for ways to help young immigrants" The Associated Press   1/17/2018 Prof. Hing
"‘It might get ugly:’ Bay Area cities brace for ICE sweeps"  The Mercury News 1/17/2018  Prof. Hing
"ICE plans major sweep in Northern California, Bay Area: report"  KTVU 1/17/2018 Prof. Hing
"Redemption for Offenders and Victims: A new variation on an age-old tradition helps criminal defendants redeem their lives, far more effectively than prison does."  The American Prospect  1/17/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Trump administration to ask high court for review of judge’s DACA order"  SF Gate 1/16/2018  Prof. Hing
"This Is How Mass Incarceration Happens: The campaign to recall the judge who went easy on Brock Turner is well-intentioned. It’s also incredibly dangerous."  Slate  1/16/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"When Prosecutors Are 'Innocence Deniers'"  NPR  1/13/2018  Prof. Bazelon
USF law school dean offers take on future of DACA ABC7 News 1/10/2018 Dean John Trasviña
"The Innocence Deniers: When convictions are clearly wrong, these prosecutors don’t just hinder justice—they actively work against it."  Slate  1/10/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"US mulls immigration judges' authority to close cases"  The Daily Journal 1/09/2018 Prof. Brown Scott
"Trump decision on El Salvador threatens US life of Bay Area family" San Francisco Chronicle  1/08/2018 Prof. Hing
"Editorial: Why California’s response to Trump’s tax law is worth trying"  The Mercury News  1/05/2018 Prof. Lathrope
"ICE to Sanctuary California: 'Hold on Tight,' More ICE Agents Are Coming" Click Lancashire   1/05/2018   Prof. Hing
"Trump’s Top Immigration Enforcer Wants to Prosecute Local Politicians. Good Luck With That."  Mother Jones  1/04/2018 Prof. Hing
"After #MeToo Comes to the Courts"  The New York Times  1/03/2018 Prof. Bazelon
"Pre-law program paves way to career for once-wayward Bay Area students"  The Mercury News  12/20/2017 USF School of Law
Dean John Trasviña on Judge Alex Kozinski  KCBS  12/09/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Are GOP Senators Wiping Out Tax Breaks For Corporations?"  National Public Radio 12/06/2017 Prof. Lathrope 
"How the Trump administration is utilizing neighborhood cops to broaden its immigration system"  Aperture Games  12/04/2017 Prof. Hing
"How the Trump Administration Is Using Local Cops to Widen Its Immigration Dragnet"  Mother Jones  12/04/2017 Prof. Hing
"Holding on to Sanctuary, Despite Changes, oft deported suspect would go free" San Francisco Chronicle   12/03/2017 Prof. Hing
"What DACA Recipients Really Need Is for Their Bosses to Break the Law"  Splinter  11/30/2017 Prof. Hing
"Not Guilty: S.F. Jury Delivers Verdict in Kathryn Steinle Slaying"  KQED  11/30/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"Pregerson, Liberal Judge of 'Conscience' on the Ninth Circuit, Dead at 94" The Recorder   11/27/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"Professor Bazelon on the Kate Steinle Trial"  KQED 11/20/2017  Prof. Bazelon
"Thousands of immigrants with ‘protected status’ face possible deportation"  The Center for Public Integrity  11/6/2017 Prof. Hing
"Did NYC Suspect Commit Act of War? Republicans Want Him to be Treated as 'Enemy Combatant'"  Newsweek  11/1/2017 Prof. Honigsberg
"Democrats see more news about Russian probe as good news" San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Maryland development under fire after selling homes only to Muslims" Washington Post   10/24/2017 Prof. Iglesias
"Ex-Twitter Engineer Seeks to Show Women Can Climb Only So High"  Bloomberg Technology, The Spokesman-Review 10/23/2017  Prof. Green
"New York Police Spied On BLM Activists Despite Being Told Not To, BLM Sues Department"   Blavity  10/19/2017 Prof. Freiwald
"Black Lives Matter Chapter Files Lawsuit Claiming New York Police Spied On Them"  HotNewHipHop  10/19/2017 Prof. Freiwald
 "Police Spied on New York Black Lives Matter Group, Internal Police Documents Show"  Mother Jones  10/19/2017 Prof. Freiwald
"Conservative Chinese Americans are Mobilizing, Politically and Digitally" Pacific Standard   10/11/2017 Prof. Hing
Birth control coverage may be at risk due to new Trump administration policy ABC7 News 10/06/2017 Prof. Manian
"UC law professor's new book exposes wrongful convictions"  UC Magazine  10/05/2017 Prof. Leo
"Defendants renew not guilty pleas in Northwest Arkansas kickback case Document access dispute rises also"  NWAOnline  9/28/2017 Prof. Leo
"How sexual assault is reported on elementary school campuses" KCRW   9/25/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"A day after new Trump order, U.S. high court cancels hearing on travel ban"  San Francisco Chronicle  9/25/2017 Prof. Hing
"California’s Sexual Assault Law Will Hurt Black Kids"  New York Times  9/22/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"Dean John Trasviña on the Border Wall"  KTVU  9/20/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Wiretapped calls between Trump and Paul Manafort would have difficult road to disclosure" Washington Examiner   9/20/2017  Prof. Freiwald
"Don’t reduce legal immigration to get a new plan for DACA kids"  San Francisco Chronicle  9/19/2017 Dean John Trasviña 
"Liberals who hate Betsy DeVos agree she’s right to reform ‘failed’ Title IX system" The College Fix   9/19/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"Trump and Democrats Haggle Over DACA as 250000 Students Await Fate"  Hi-tech Beacon  9/17/2017  Dean John Trasviña
"Immigration activists take to the streets in Oakland ahead of DACA renewal deadline" ABC7 News   9/16/2017  Dean John Trasviña 
 "With anti-‘Dreamer’ base outraged, Trump keeps adding to the confusion"  San Francisco Chronicle  9/14/2017 Dean John Trasviña
 "As ‘Dreamer’ Deadline Looms, Law Schools’ Immigration Clinics Scramble to Help"  9/14/2017 Prof. Hing

"Schools Seek to Help Immigrants Amid Mixed Signals on DACA"

Associated Press, Time, Philadelphia Tribune, CBS SF Bay Area, Star Tribune (Minneapolis), Northwest Herald  9/14/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"15-State Lawsuit Over DACA Aims to Use Trump's Words Against Him"

 Governing  9/7/2017 Prof. Hing

"Davis G. Yee to Receive the American Inns of Court 2017 Warren E. Burger Prize for Writing"

 Business Wire  9/6/2017 Prof. Yee

"States sue over Trump’s DACA decision"

 SF Gate  9/6/2017  Prof. Hing

"States’ suit over DACA seeks to use Trump’s words against him"

 San Francisco Chronicle  9/6/2017 Prof. Hing

"Expert on false confessions testifies at Eastchester double-slaying trial"

 lohud 9/6/2017 Prof. Leo

"Dean John Trasviña on DACA"

 KRON4 9/5/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Deporting Dreamers an unlikely priority, but a real possibility"

 San Francisco Chronicle  9/6/2017 Prof. Hing

"Anxiety Grows as Uncertainty Clouds the Future of DACA"

 KQED  8/29/2017 Prof. Hing

"Some States Now Require All Attorneys to Report Wrongful Convictions"

 ABA Journal  8/29/2017 Prof. Bazelon

"Bay area leaders strive to protect speech, prevent violence"

Associated Press 8/24/2017 Prof. Nice

"Immigration lawyers say policy change bogs courts"

Daily Journal  8/2/2017 Prof. Jaqueline Brown Scott

"Trasviña commentary: Trump's tweet on transgender individuals in the military"

ABC7 News 7/26/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Should police interrogations be recorded?"

Al Jazeera 7/25/2017 Prof. Leo

"A legal fight over New York City dog-sitters highlights a bigger problem in America"

Yahoo! Finance 7/25/2017 Prof. Iglesias
"Professor Robert Talbot on the OJ Simpson Parole Hearing" ABC7 News 7/20/2017 Prof. Talbot
"Fans of Nobel laureate express sorrow, anger over his death" Associated Press 7/13/2017 Prof. Hing
"How to stop wrongful convictions" Magic Valley 7/9/2017 Prof. Leo
"The Whole Truth: Richard A. Leo On Why Innocent People Confess To Crimes" The Sun Magazine 7/1/2017 Prof. Leo
"The Hydra Of Abortion Law: 1 Year Into Whole Woman's Health" Law360 6/28/2017 Prof. Manian
"Interview with Lara Bazelon, Restorative Justice and Wrongful Convictions" KWMR 6/27/2017 Prof. Bazelon
"How the travel ban might play out in Los Angeles" 89.3 KPCC 6/26/2017 Prof. Hing
"Federal appeals court in SF deals Trump another travel ban defeat" SF Gate 6/12/2017 Prof. Hing
Trasviña discusses Comey Testimony on KRON4 KRON4 6/9/2017 Dean John Trasviña
Trasviña discusses Comey Testimony on KRON4 KRON4 6/9/2017 Dean John Trasviña
Dean John Trasviña comments on future of Russia Investigation after Comey's Testimony ABC7 6/8/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"In a credibility contest with Comey, Trump has a problem" San Francisco Chronicle 6/8/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Some Republicans start to edge away from Trump" San Francisco Chronicle 5/17/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Transviña on Trump’s Handling of Comey" KPIX5 5/15/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"President Trump shared secret info about IS with Russians" KRON4 5/15/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Have time - and Trump - changed governor's mind on sanctuary state?" Calmatters, The Bakersfield Californian, The Desert Sun 5/8/2017 Prof. Hing
"Popular Startup Causing Rift Between Consumers and Restaurants" NBC Bay Area 5/5/2017 Prof. Talbot
"Iglesias on San Francisco, AirBnB Settlement" KQED 5/1/2017 Prof. Iglesias
"US crime repatriations on hold" Khmer Times 4/26/2017 Prof. Hing
"Top FilAm women officials confront new U.S. policies under Trump" Rappler 4/25/2017 Prof. Hing
"SF’s green energy goal is a decade ahead of target" SF Chronicle 4/19/2017 Prof. Kaswan
"Keystone Strategy Supports Amazon in its Favorable Outcome of a $1.5 Billion Tax Dispute" Financial Services Monitor Worldwide 4/14/2017 Prof. Franklyn
"5 things to know about tougher prosecution of immigration offenses" KPCC 4/14/2017 Prof. Hing
"Donald Trump era puts sanctuary cities, protecting illegal immigrants living in the US, under threat" ABC News 4/11/2017 Prof. Hing
"Feds halt reports on local jurisdictions not aiding ICE" Santa Fe New Mexican 4/11/2017 Prof. Hing
"Blockchain: The Future of Health Data" Diagnostic Imaging Blog 4/11/2017 Prof. Dibadj
"Seventh Circuit ruling: Title VII's prohibition of sex discrimination prohibits sexual orientation discrimination" KCBS 4/5/2017 Prof. Nice
"Supreme Court nomination process: Analysis" KTVU 4/5/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Trump's Environmental Executive Order May Not Be as Bad As We Thought" KCSB News 4/5/2017 Prof. Kaswan
"Trump Administration Stands Up for U.S. STEM Workers" The Economic Populist 4/5/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"Justice Dept. says replacing U.S. workers may bring lawsuit" Computer World 4/3/2017 Dean John Trasviña
"US attorney general threatens to block grants to sanctuary cities" SF Chronicle 3/27/2017 Prof. Hing
"Omission of SF from ICE report confuses immigration experts" SF Chronicle 3/26/2017 Prof. Hing
"APNewsBreak: Virginia governor pardons 'Norfolk 4' sailors" SF Chronicle, The Canadian Press 3/21/2017 Prof. Leo
"Trump administration takes its time on travel ban appeal" SF Chronicle 3/21/2017 Prof. Hing
"3 Key Takeaways From The New Travel Ban Rulings" Law360 3/17/2017 Prof. Hing
"No Raids in Courthouses, California Chief Justice Warns ICE" Courthouse News Service 3/16/2017 Prof. Hing
"Advisory panel revives San Francisco's citywide gigabit fiber plans" State Scoop 3/14/2017 USF School of Law
"Panel to Study Wiring in San Francisco with High-Speed Internet" SF Chronicle 3/14/2017 USF School of Law
"Proposed Law Could Be a New Attack on Civil Rights" New York Times 3/13/2017 Prof. Davis
"San Francisco Police Department pulls out of FBI anti-terrorism task force" Washington Post 3/10/2017 Prof. Hing
"San Francisco involved in two sanctuary-city lawsuits" Norcal Record 3/10/2017 Prof. Hing
 "SF seeks to freeze executive order on cuts to sanctuary cities" SF Gate 3/8/2017 Prof. Hing

"Hey Area: A history of San Francisco's contested sanctuary status"

KALW 3/7/2017 Prof. Hing
"New travel order may still have legal obstacles, analysts say"  San Francisco Chronicle  3/6/2017  Prof. Hing

"A Great Article on Jury Instructions"

The Scrivener  2/28/2017 Prof. Davis 

"Tech Leaders Object to DHS Proposal to Collect Social Media Passwords of Travelers"

Cyber Report 2/24/2017 Prof. Freiwald

"McCarthy Institute Trademark Seminar 2017"

JD Supra 2/21/2017 Prof. Franklyn

"Conservatives should reject Trump's sanctuary city policy"

SF Chronicle 2/20/2017 Prof. Hing

"Why legal help would benefit immigrants facing deportation"

ABC 10 News 2/13/2017 Prof. Hing

"SF fights to protect sanctuary city status"

El Tecolote 2/8/2017 Prof. Hing

"Judges focus on whether President Trump's Immigration Order is Muslim Ban" 

ABC 7 News 2/7/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"PH travelers on Trump hit list? Only a matter of time" 2/3/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Free speech: Is there a limit to this Constitutional right?"

KTVU 2/2/2017 Prof. Nice

"San Francisco Sues Trump to Stop Executive Order About Sanctuary Cities"

The New American 2/1/2017 Prof. Hing

"In Calif., Gorsuch Pick Greeted With Concern, Pragmatism"

The Recorder 2/1/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"How much is Trump’s order banning some refugees like Obama’s?"

The Mercury News,The Press-Enterprise 2/1/2017 Prof. Hing

"President Trump nominates Gorsuch to Supreme Court"

KRON 4  1/31/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Trump Picks Federal Appeals Judge Gorsuch for Supreme Court"

NBC Bay Area  1/31/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Trump Announces Gorsuch As Choice For Supreme Court"

CBS SF Bay Area 1/31/2017 Dean John Trasviña

"Trump picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court"

KTVU 1/31/2017  Dean John Trasviña

"SF Expert Says Trump Nominee Gorsuch is in for Wild Ride" 

 ABC7 1/31/2017  Dean John Trasviña

Commentary on the firing of Attorney General Sally Yates

KCBS Radio 1/31/2017 Prof. Julie Nice

"SF sues over Trump’s executive order targeting sanctuary cities"

San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate 1/31/2017 Prof. Hing
"San Francisco sues Trump Administration over Sanctuary city order" KTVU 1/31/2017 Prof. Hing
"A Chinese American lesson for Trump: For Chinese Americans , the Muslim ban is a reminder of decades of discrimination under the Chinese Exclusion Act" Al Jazeera 1/31/2017 Prof. Hing
"Survival of Trump's refugee ban depends on how courts see it" SF Chronicle 1/30/2017 Prof. Hing
"Trump and Obama immigration orders are similar, but there are major differences" Los Angeles Daily News 1/30/2017 Prof. Hing
"Trump’s immigration ban: 4 key questions answered" PolitiFact 1/29/2017 Prof. Hing
"Trump’s order to defund sanctuary cities faces legal questions in SF" SF Examiner 1/27/2017 Prof. Hing
"Breach database LeakedSource is down after reportedly being raided by feds" Cyberscoop 1/26/2017 Prof. Freiwald
"University of San Francisco School of Law and Jinan University School of Law sign a cooperation agreement" Sing Tao Daily 1/24/2016 Dean John Trasviña and USF School of Law
"USF law school to partner with Chinese law university" SF Examiner 1/23/2016 Dean John Trasviña and USF School of Law
"Opinion: Advertorials prevent citizens from accessing fair, accurate media" LSU's The Daily Reveille 1/20/2016 Prof. Franklyn
Commentary regarding recently published study showing abortions in America under 1 million for the first time since 1975.  KCBS Radio 1/19/2017 Prof. Manian
"Ending the bucha battle: Local company settles for new name" C-Ville 1/2/2017 USF Law Clinic
"COS program offers path for aspiring lawyers" Hanford Sentinel 12/24/2016 USF School of Law
"Amanda Knox Pens essay on Why Women Confess" ABC News, Good Morning America  12/16/2016 Prof. Leo
"Legal mind and immigrant rights fighter to take seat on Police Commission" SF Examiner 12/15/2016 Prof. Hing
"Bill Ong Hing appointed to SF Police Commission" San Francisco Chronicle 12/14/2016 Prof. Hing
"Sanctuary cities stand firm against Trump" Politico 12/12/2016 Prof. Hing
"What's at stake for Chicago if Trump comes down on sanctuary cities" Crain's Chicago Business 12/9/2016 Prof. Hing
"If feds try to ID deportable immigrants using Cal data, state will block access" CALmatters, The Davis Enterprise, Daily News Los Angeles, The Desert Sun, KCET, 89.3 KPCC,  12/7/2016 Prof. Hing
"Fishing for Bias: Wildlife research techniques find gaps in court record" ABA Journal 12/1/2016 Prof. Leo
"Screened out of Cap-and-Trade Funding?" League of Women Voters of the Bay Area Education Fund: Bay Area Monitor 12/1/2016 Prof. Kaswan
"With Child: The Right to Choose in Rapid City" Harper's 11/29/2016 Prof. Manian
"How Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick to head the Justice Department, could influence immigration" Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Federal Times 11/22/2016 Prof. Hing
"Marin Clean Energy Counsel" NorCal Record 11/23/2016 USF School of Law
"Trump’s CIA pick would reinstate US collection of phone data" SF Chronicle 11/21/2016 Prof. Freiwald
"Where do we go from here" San Francisco Magazine 11/18/2016 Prof. Hing
"Practitioner's Spotlight: Professor Connie de la Vega" The California International Law Journal  11/18/2016 Prof. Connie de la Vega
"Shaviro Presents Fixing U.S. International Taxation Today At San Francisco" TaxProf Blog 11/18/2016 Graduate Tax Program
University of San Francisco School of Law
"Sanctuary Cities Recommit Despite Vows of Federal Defunding under Trump: Students Demand Universities Join" Non Profit Quarterly 11/16/2016 Prof. Hing
"USF Law Dean John Trasviña Provides Legal Insight on Trump's Deportation Plans" KTVU-SF (FOX) 11/15/2016 Dean John Trasviña
"Trump's plan to deport 2 million likely to take time" San Francisco Chronicle 11/14/2016 Prof. Hing
"Airbnb agrees to help San Francisco monitor short-term rentals" The Mercury News 11/14/2016 Josh Davis
"Worries and uncertainty cloud outlook for digital privacy under President Trump" PC, Net World 11/09/2016 Prof. Freiwald
"The Joint Opening Session in Mediation: Still Viable Tool, or Explosive Relic?" Connecticut Law Tribune 11/08/2016 Jay Folberg
"Focus on battleground states as presidential race tightens" KTVU Channel 2 News 11/08/2016 Dean John Trasviña
"In groundbreaking partnership, Innocence Project New Orleans trains NOPD detectives" The New Orleans Advocate 11/07/2016 Prof. Leo
"USF Law Dean John Trasviña Speaks on Legal Issues & Voter Turnout" KTVU-SF (FOX) 11/04/2016 Dean John Trasviña
"Adderall in Law Schools: A Dirty Little Secret" Connecticut Law Tribune, 11/03/2016 USF School of Law
"Water Law Symposium focuses on bay, delta issues" Northern California Record 10/28/2016 Prof. Kaswan
"Clean Power Plan 'left reductions on the table' — report" ClimateWire 10/28/2016 Prof.  Kaswan
"Progressive Group Eyes Regional Rates To Increase ESPS Stringency" Inside EPA 10/28/2016 Prof. Kaswan
"U Need 2 Know Radio Program: U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan" Radio WGCV 620 AM/96.3 FM 10/27/2016 Prof. Kaswan
"An Ex-Cop's Remorse: An investigator who probes wrongful convictions now doubts a case of his own" The New Yorker 10/18/2016 Prof. Leo
Criminal Injustice Podcast, Episode 28 Criminal Injustice Podcast 10/18/2016 Prof. Leo
"Obama Built the Structures for Trump: A Terrifying Legacy of Mass Deportation" Truthout 10/16/2016 Prof. Hing
"Trial continues for Santa Maria teen accused of killing newborn" KSBY Channel 6 News 10/14/2016 Prof. Leo
"El sesgo racial entre los jurados en el corazón del caso de la Corte Suprema (Racial Bias Among Jurors at Heart of Supreme Court Case)" Noticiero Univision 10/13/2016 Prof. Connie de la Vega
"AirBNB files additional lawsuits to fight home-sharing city ordinances" Northern California Record 10/12/2016 Prof. Iglesias
"Why did the Oklahoma Supreme Court strike down an abortion law?" Yahoo News, Christian Science Monitor 10/04/2016 Prof. Manian
"Feds To Allow Preferences For Low-Income Applicants In S.F. Housing Complex" NPR 9/23/2016 Prof. Iglesias
"Data hoarding site represents the dark side of data breach monitoring" PCWorld, CIO, Cyber Security Monitor Worldwide 9/20/2016 Prof. Freiwald
"Should Late Shopping of Class Settlements Draw Sanctions?" Bloomberg 9/19/2016 Prof. Davis
"Airbnb fights unfriendly regulations with wave of lawsuits against San Francisco, other cities" The Mercury News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Patriot Ledger, The Providence Journal, Arkansas Democrat Gazette 9/18/2016 Prof. Davis
"How ‘Equal Access’ Is Helping Drive Black Renters Out Of Their Neighborhood" NPR's All Things Considered, KTOO Public Media  9/16/2016  Prof. Iglesias
"Newlywed couple sues their wedding videographer after footage of drunken groom failing to get the garter off and performing 'sexually suggestive' acts in front of guests goes viral" Daily Mail (UK) 09/07/2016 Prof. Talbot
"Why This Bride is Legit Suing Her Wedding Videographer" Brides 09/06/2016 Prof. Talbot
"After Mexico visit, Trump delivers tough talk on immigration" San Francisco Chronicle 08/31/2016 Dean John Trasviña
"Donald Trump's Probable Immigration Plan Will Be Ripped Straight From Right-Wing Media" Media Matters for America 08/30/2016 Prof. Hing
"Expert's concerns over 'Mr. Big' undercover police technique" Radio New Zealand 08/26/2016 Prof. Leo
"Pressure persists to sanction Stanford rape judge" SFBay News 08/24/2016 Prof. Meadows
"Wedding Video at Center of Federal Lawsuit" NCB Bay Area News 08/23/2016 Prof. Talbot
"Lee, Feinstein Want HUD to Help City With Anti-Gentrification Plan" KQED News 08/22/2016 Prof. Iglesias
"Exonerations in America are at a record high, but not because of DNA" The Charlotte Observer 08/18/2016 Prof. Leo
"Why Police Interrogations Lead to So Many False Confessions" Vice 08/16/2016 Prof. Leo
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KLIV 1590 AM
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(reposted on Our Children's Trust website)
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Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
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(KALW 91.7 FM)
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