Campus Shuttle

The Department of Student Affairs and the Department of Public Safety cosponsor The Campus Shuttle Program. The service provides transportation to various USF locations within San Francisco and operates on an on-call basis in the evenings. If you need shuttle service, contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201.

Safety Escort Service

The Department of Public Safety operates a safety escort service between dusk and dawn. For a security escort, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201.

Discouraging Theft

Never leave personal property or anything of value unattended while you are in the law library. Some areas of the Zief Law Library are monitored by closed-circuit security cameras for the safety and protection of our patrons, collection and furnishings, but thefts have occurred in the past. Promptly report a theft or any other crime to USF Public Safety and to the Circulation Desk staff. The USF Public Safety emergency number is 415-422-2911. The non-emergency number is 415-422-4222.

Book Security

The library's electronic security system will activate an alarm if a book that has not been checked out is removed from the library. If your entrance or exit from the building triggers the alarm, please report to the Circulation Desk.

Theft and Mutilation of Library Materials

The Library regards theft, mutilation, or hiding of library materials as violations of the USF and Law School Honor Code. Such acts may also violate California law. The Law Library will cooperate with the University and the Law School in prosecuting any known violations to the fullest extent possible.