More Policies

Noise Policy

The Zief Law Library seeks to provide a quiet study and research environment for our patrons. The law library fulfills many functions for patrons with diverse needs. Research consultations, Circulation Desk activities, the Academic Support and Moot Court work spaces, and use of computers will unavoidably generate some noise. We ask that patrons and building occupants respect the needs of those who seek a quiet place to study by keeping conversations and other unnecessary noise to a minimum.

The second floor is the quietest floor of the law library. Club '59 on the second floor is specifically designated as a quiet study space. We ask that patrons and building occupants make a special effort to maintain the quiet nature of these areas.

Cellphone Policy

All patrons should set their phones to "vibrate" when entering the library in order to avoid disturbing other library patrons. All cell phone calls must be received and transmitted outside the Zief Law Library building. 

Reshelving Policy

Patrons are expected to reshelve all books after using them. This is the only way to be sure that all library users will have prompt access to materials they need. Microforms are an exception to this policy. Please do not re-file fiche. Instead, place them in the holders on top of the fiche cabinets.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

We adhere to USF Alcohol and Drug Policies.