Interlibrary Loans

This section summarizes the Zief law library's interlibrary borrowing and lending policies.

For questions about interlibrary lending ("ILL") and borrowing policies and procedures, please call 415-422-5120.

Borrowing Services for USF Law Faculty, Staff, and Students

Eligible patrons

Interlibrary loan (ILL) and photocopy services are available to USF law faculty, law staff and law students. USF students, faculty and staff not affiliated with the law school must use the interlibrary loan services provided by Gleeson Library.

What We Can Request From Other Libraries

We will borrow items not owned by USF libraries and items missing from the USF libraries' collections. We will not borrow books owned by the USF libraries which are temporarily in use or on reserve.

We will request photocopies from publications not owned by USF and from publications missing from the USF libraries. We will also request copies of pages missing from USF libraries' materials.

Making a Request

USF law faculty, staff and students may make borrowing requests by calling the Zief interlibrary loan coordinator at 415-422-5120. Requests for photocopies need to be made in person at the Zief library reference desk so that the patron can deliver anPDF icon Interlibrary Loan Request indicating compliance with copyright law.

What We Ask From Patrons

  • To submit an Interlibrary Loan Request with the complete bibliographic information, stating where the citation was found and attaching a photocopy or printout from the citing document if possible.
  • To indicate compliance with the Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code) where required.
  • To pay for any photocopying or other processing/lending charges incurred. (Many lending libraries charge for loans or photocopies.)
  • To be responsible for returning all materials on time and in the condition in which they were received. Failure to return borrowed items by the due date will result in suspension of Bursar and Registration services until the items are returned and all associated charges are paid in full.
  • To pay for lost or damaged books. These charges are set by the lending library.

Lending Services to Other Libraries

Eligible Libraries

We will lend to:

  • Other academic law libraries
  • General academic libraries
  • State, court, and county law libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Local law firm libraries, if these libraries are staffed by librarians affiliated with the Northern California Association of Law Libraries and are located within the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition, local law firm libraries are expected to send a messenger to pick up and return any items obtained via interlibrary loan.

We will provide photocopies to the following types of libraries, provided that the request states compliance with copyright law (CCL) or guidelines (CCG):

  • Academic law libraries
  • General academic libraries
  • State, court, and county law libraries
  • Public libraries

Materials That May Be Obtained Through Interlibrary Loan

Generally, we will lend only circulating materials (i.e., single-volume, un-supplemented monographs not in loose leaf format).


The law library charges $20 per item for lending to other academic law libraries, general academic libraries, state, court, and county law libraries, public libraries, or local law firm libraries.

Making a Request

Eligible libraries must request interlibrary loans via OCLC only. Requests for photocopies must indicate compliance with copyright law. Please allow two business days to process lending requests. The law library cannot provide Rush Service due to staffing limitations. For Rush Service, consider contacting the following fee-based document delivery services:

To verify our holdings, check the USF libraries' online catalog, Ignacio. Please note that only items with the word "LAW" in the location field are in the law library collection. We can entertain ILL requests only for those items.

Our fax number is 415-422-2345.

Our mailing address is:

Interlibrary Lending
Dorraine Zief Law Library
University of San Francisco School of Law
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080

For questions about ILL policies and procedures, call 415-422-5120.