Group Study Rooms

The law library maintains group study rooms for the exclusive use of USF law students, law faculty, and law staff. Monopolizing library space, rooms, seating, study tables or equipment to the exclusion of others is prohibited.

Law faculty, students, and staff can book a group study room online. At the beginning of your reservation, please check out the appropriate group study room key at the library's circulation desk using your USF Law School ID. Members of the law school community may also call the circulation desk at 415-422-6679 to reserve a group study room. The person who booked the group study room online is responsible for returning the key on time.

A group of two or more students may reserve a group study room for a maximum of a single three-hour block of time per day. No group or any members of a group may sign up for a group study room for more than three hours per day.

A group may remain in a room beyond the three-hour limit if no other group has signed up for that room. Be sure to renew the key at the circulation desk and ask circulation desk staff to book the group for the additional time. The group may remain in the room only until another group signs up for the room, at which point the room must be vacated.

Rooms will be held for up to 15 minutes after the beginning of the reserved time. If the group who made the reservation does not claim the room within 15 minutes of the beginning of the reservation, another group may be allowed to use the room.

During exam periods, it is sometimes necessary to use the group study rooms for exam administration. However, if an emergency arises, it may be necessary to use a room for exams without prior notice.

Law school departments and organizations may need to reserve group study rooms for law-school-related activities for more than three hours per day. Law school staff must contact full-time circulation staff for this type of use.

Full-time faculty requiring multiple group study rooms for class-related activities must also reserve rooms with a full-time member of the circulation staff. Unfortunately, due to the number of adjunct faculty, we are unable to furnish group study rooms for adjuncts' office hours.

The windows in group study rooms must not be blocked or covered.

Library staff will ask groups that are excessively noisy and disturbing other library patrons to vacate group study rooms.

A violation of one or more of these group study room rules may result in suspension of group study room privileges.

As a courtesy to our recent law graduates, the law library furnishes access to group study rooms during bar exam preparation. All of these rules, including the three-hour limit, continue to apply to recent graduates' group study room reservations. All-day reservation of group study rooms is not permitted. Alumni studying for the bar who have remained in a group study room beyond three hours must vacate the room if other patrons want to use it. Patrons studying for the bar who are not USF Law School alumni and Special Access Card holders do not have access to group study rooms.