Food and Drink Policies

COVID-19 Update: The law library currently does not permit patrons to eat food in the library. Patrons may consume beverages, but must immediately replace their face covering after drinking.

Zief Law Library wants to provide all patrons with a comfortable and welcoming study environment.

Library users who consume food or drinks in the law library must do so in a manner that maintains a clean, safe library and that minimizes the risk of damage to library books, equipment and other property.

We allow beverage consumption in the law library so long as beverages are in containers with tops, lids, or caps.

Please discard all wrappers and empty containers, clean up after yourself, and report any beverage spills to library staff so that we can alert our maintenance crews.

Consumption of tobacco products is prohibited in the Zief Law Library in compliance with the provisions of Section 6404.5 of the California Labor Code and the San Francisco Municipal Health Code (Article 19, A through E). Patrons of the law library should be aware that USF has instituted a new campus-wide smoking policy, which allows smoking in two designated areas of the campus only. This policy applies to the law school.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

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