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At USF’s School of Law, experience matters. Our students take a hands-on approach to the law — participating in it, not just pouring over it. Our students are prepared to be successful, effective leaders who are inspired to do their part to change the world. Make a commitment today that will support the School of Law far into the future.

If you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified retirement plan, chances are you completed a form to specify who would inherit those accounts. What many people don’t realize is that you can also name USF School of Law as a beneficiary on that form.

Simply complete a change-of-beneficiary form, which can typically be done online. And it costs you nothing. You can designate all or a portion of your retirement plan to support the next generation of lawyers and leaders who will gain the practical skills and legal training to make societal changes here and around the nation and globe.

Discover the Benefits

  • Only minutes to complete 
  • You can modify it at anytime 
  • It doesn’t affect your current or future income
  • You can pass on less-taxed assets to your loved ones

When you’ve finished, please notify us so that we can properly thank you. Support future lawyers and leaders. Take this simple step today.  

Each Student Has A Story to Tell. A Dream to Live.

tarah powell chen “When I visited USF’s School of Law, I met students and faculty who embodied the community I wanted to be a part of. USF fosters deep connections, promotes respect, and nurtures intellectual inquiry. This was where I wanted to be. I had no idea that I would receive a scholarship to complete my studies. I was over the moon! My goal of becoming an attorney was no longer just a distant dream. Thank you.”  
—Tarah Powell-Chen '17
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