Grace Hum

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Assistant Dean • Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-2652


Grace Hum is the assistant dean for student affairs. In this role, she works closely with students to provide leadership and guidance on all aspects of student life, including student organizations, pro bono opportunities, community service, mission-related activities, and student discipline and behavioral issues.  

Hum previously served as the director of the Legal Writing Program at USF. She has 15 years of experience teaching legal research and writing, transactional skills, contract drafting, and legislation. Her teaching has always emphasized professionalism and practical skills, so that law students could hit the ground running in their summer jobs and careers as lawyers.

Additionally, Hum works as a legal writing consultant by teaching continuing education courses about legal writing to legal professionals at law firms, working as a writing coach for individual lawyers, and tutoring bar applicants sitting for the California Bar Exam.

BA, UC Davis
JD, Santa Clara University
JSM, Stanford University
Awards & Distinctions

Teaching Grant, Asssociation of Legal Writing Directors (2012)

Law Review and Journal Articles
“Legal Writing Professors Morphing into Contract Drafting Professors,” 12 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 3 (2011). (Co-authored with Miki Felsenberg, Barbara Lentz, Carolyn Broering-Jacobs, and Ted Becker.) Read More
Panelist, “Joining the Administration: Law School and University Leadership for Law School Professors,” The Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, “The Association of American Law Schools Arc of Career Programs,” New York, NY (January, 2016)
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Invited Participant, Association of American Law Libraries 105th Annual Meeting and Conference, Boston, Mass. (2012)