Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Gina DeVito is a dynamic lawyer with an unmatched commitment to her work and clients. With over 25 years in the legal field, Gina represents both plaintiffs and defendants, from Fortune 500 companies to the recently unemployed single parent, in claims ranging from wage and hour disputes and retaliation to sexual harassment and wrongful termination. By working on both sides of the legal camp, Gina has the insight of what to anticipate from the opposition and the know-how to creatively and effectively chart the course for the successful resolution of her clients’ causes. 

Principally devoted to labor and employment matters, Gina also offers a wide variety of other services to employees and employers, including reviewing and preparing employment contracts, drafting and negotiating severance agreements for executives and line level employees, training in the prevention of sexual harassment, investigating complaints of harassment, and preparing employee policy handbooks. Gina also serves as a consultant to new businesses whereby she advises companies on the employment law aspect of running a business, including the dos and don’ts of hiring practices, proper classification of workers (whether intern or volunteer, employee or independent contractor, or exempt or non-exempt), handling requests for accommodation, leaves of absence or complaints of unlawful conduct, protection of confidential proprietary information, wages and overtime, termination of employment, severance pay, and separation and release agreements.

Gina’s clients include Jennifer Newsom/The Representation Project, PlumpJack Management Group, Cameron Sinclair (formerly of Architecture for Humanity), NetXperts, GenTux, and Fluid, Inc. Gina serves as general counsel to Lument, LLC, a company dedicated to upgrading the human operating systems of companies by installing a culture of high performance. She is also the employment expert for HUBSV, a company advancing global innovation in partnership with Silicon Valley.

After almost ten years of teaching legal research, writing, and analysis as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, Gina is presently teaching and mentoring in the entrepreneurial law clinic. She is also currently co-authoring her first book on the importance of gratitude in attaining an extraordinary life of happiness. She recently launched her own fashion design company, Ginamore, specializing in boutique chic. Gina is a passionate advocate for special causes and hosts charity and fundraising events for multiple sclerosis and breast cancer awareness and prevention and has had the honor of being named Woman of the Year 2014 by the National Association of Professional Women.

Gina’s passion and purpose is to create awareness of the importance of aligning the mind, body, spirit, and soul and is commonly referred to as a zen lawyer. She is presently studying with Marcie Andersen, a spiritual master/teacher/healer to learn the ancient spiritual knowledge, enlightenment, and healing techniques so that she can heal, awaken and empower people to live authentically, live in harmony, and tap into their own natural soul ability.

An avid athlete and ex-competitive bodybuilder, Gina enjoys competing in marathons and Toughmudder events. Yet, Gina’s greatest joy remains spending every possible free moment with her young daughter, Sydney, and teaching her the importance of living in the moment, living life to the fullest, and working for the greater good.

BA, Princeton University
JD, University of San Francisco