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Offering Positions for Academic Credit (Externships)

Students can earn academic credit by working with legal employers who offer substantive legal experience and oversight. By having a USF student serve as an extern, you will get a valuable addition to your team while providing an opportunity to an interested and motivated student to gets hands on experience and further their career. Students can participate in externships in the Bay Area, across the country and abroad.

Offering a full-time or part-time externship is open to all approved legal employers, including law firms, private companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and judges. Learn more on our Externships page.

Volunteer Opportunities for Nonprofits and Government Agencies

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies can offer paid or unpaid opportunities for students by advertising on USFLaw Link, our online job board. You can easily set up and manage postings for volunteer positions. You can also contact our Recruitment Coordinator with the details and she can set it up for you.

Posting a position is free. Students can apply directly to you or we can collect the application materials for you. You are also welcome to participate in On-Campus Recruitment for free.

What a USF Law Student Can Do For You

Conduct client interviews and intake

Discuss a client’s legal issues with a supervising attorney

Counsel clients on their legal options under supervision

Determine which resources are needed by a client and refer them to those resources

Research a legal issue or question and draft a legal memorandum

Research, draft, and edit motions

Research, draft, and edit legal content for websites, blogs and social media

Draft and edit contracts and other agreement

Draft and edit letters and other correspondence to clients and counsel

Draft privilege log and conduct document review

Argue motions

Appear at or attend hearings, trials, depositions, and client meetings

Summarize depositions and other evidence

Consult with attorneys about case and client issues and strategies

Conduct or assist with negotiations

Mediate disputes between parties

Prepare and organize discovery and other documents for hearings or trials

First Year Students (1Ls)

Upon completion of their first year, students have an understanding of the fundamentals of law. They have taken courses in contracts, torts, real property, criminal law, and civil procedure. They have also completed an intense year-long research, writing and analysis course, which included learning to conduct legal research, draft several types of legal documents, and perform intricate legal analysis. They also get oral advocacy exposure though their first year moot court project.

Second Year Students (2Ls)

Upon completion of their second year, students have gained more hands on experience, through summer jobs, semester internships and clinics. They have learned, in depth, about more specialized areas of law. Many have edited or written journal articles, conducted extensive drafting and oral argument on a moot court team, or trained and advised first year students on substantive areas of law.

Third Year Students (3Ls)

During their third year, students are further honing their skills and developing even deeper knowledge about substantive areas of law. They are truly prepared to enter the practice of law.

Post a Job/Internship on Symplicity [pop up]

You can easily create your own posting on (powered by Symplicity), which will also allow you to edit and manage the post at your convenience.

If you have an employer account with USF Law:

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click “job postings” tab along the top.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click “+ add new” button.
  4. Follow the prompts and enter all the details.

If you do not have an employer account with USF Law:

  1. Visit
  2. click "Register and Post Free Local Job" to register and create an account.
  3. Follow the prompts and enter all the details.

Please be ready to provide the following details:

Your name and contact information

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Level of experience

To manage/edit your posting at any time, go to and click on the “job postings” tab along the top green menu. You will be able to see all active postings, add a new posting, view archived or expired postings, and review applications submitted online.

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