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USF School of Law has a stellar reputation for providing students a top-quality education that equips them with practical skills. USF graduates are known for their legal acumen, integrity, dedication, and work ethic.

Qualities of USF law students and graduates: 

Skills you can expect USF law students and graduates to contribute:

To sign up for On-Campus Recruitment or to ask questions about posting an internship or job, contact our Recruiting Coordinator, or register on USFLawLink.com

The best part of the Launch Your Career Here program is that it allows you to explore different areas of interest while you are still a student. I have had the opportunity to do work in public interest, in the private sector, and even completed an externship abroad. All of these different work experiences have contributed to my development as a well-rounded job applicant.

Claudia Garcia '15

Fall and Spring On-Campus Recruitment

During Fall and Spring On-Campus Recruitment (OCR), you can meet and interview some of the best and brightest USF students, and everything can be done at your convenience.

● conduct a full or half day of interviews on campus

● set up a resume collect and host interviews at your office

● arrange for video conference interviews

Fall OCR takes place in August and September and Spring OCR happens in February and March. We can also set up another time that works for you to meet and interview students or alumni.

OCR is open to all legal employers, including law firms, private companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. Participating in OCR is free to all government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and law firms with fewer than 100 attorneys.

Posting Jobs & Internships

On USFLaw Link, our online job board, you can easily set up and manage postings for jobs and internships. You can also contact our Recruitment Coordinator with the details and she can set it up for you.

Posting a job is free to all employers. Students can apply directly to you or we can collect the application materials for you. Nonprofit and government agencies can post unpaid/volunteer positions.