Career Services for Alumni

The Office of Career Planning welcomes all alumni to take advantage of our counseling services at no charge.

OCP counselors regularly meet with alumni at every stage in their careers. Counselors are happy to discuss all aspects of your job search, from identifying opportunities and reviewing your application materials to meeting attorneys and preparing for interviews to salary negotiations. Appointments can be held in person, over the phone, or by video chat.

No matter the stage of your career, it can be useful to refresh your marketing materials. We can work with you on your resume, cover letters, writing samples, reference list, letters of recommendation, and transactional deal sheets. We can help you strategize about an upcoming interview, or even conduct a mock interview with you.

Career & Personal Assessments

Career and personal assessments can be a useful way to learn about your career values, the types of environments where you thrive, and how you define satisfaction and success. Assessments can guide you in approaching and developing your job search in a way that works for you, and how to anticipate and address potential challenges during your career.

The Office of Career Planning offers two well-known assessments administered by our expert counselors, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. The Office also provides an array of self-assessment tools.

Social Media Guidance

Already a social media pro and use it frequently to build your career network and market yourself? Or need some assistance with how to professionally and proactively navigate the world of social media in a career context? No matter your social media savvy, the Office of Career Planning can help you use social media to advance your career.

Alumni can schedule a Social Media Review appointment for an OCP counselor to look over your profiles and make suggestions on how to make a professional impression online.

One of the best ways to use social media professionally is through LinkedIn. USF Law has several LinkedIn groups to help alumni to find and connect with others in their fields of interest. Close to 3,000 alumni and students are members of the USF School of Law LinkedIn group. This is a great pool of potential career connections, business referrals, and experts.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Clean Up Your Online Paper Trail

How Students and Graduates Should Use Social Media

Managing Your Professional Reputation on Social Media

Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience

How to Use Twitter

How to Use Facebook

Connecting with Other Alumni

USF has an incredibly dedicated alumni community. USF alumni want to help students launch their careers, but also are eager to connect with and support fellow alumni. OCP counselors are available to meet with you to identify alumni working in your area of interest.

Networking Receptions and Alumni Events: Our supportive alumni regularly host and attend networking receptions, and USF hosts receptions for alumni in regions around the country, offering you the chance to create professional relationships with attorneys wherever you practice or would like to practice.

LinkedIn Group: This online resource connects you with faculty and other alumni who can provide advice and support. Close to 3,000 alumni and students are members of this group. Search for the “University of San Francisco School of Law” LinkedIn group to join and explore the subgroups. For help, contact Recruitment Coordinator.

Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity is available to graduates and second or third year students of any ABA-accredited law school that allows University of San Francisco School of law graduates and students to use its career resources. For details regarding on-site and remote privileges and requesting access, see our PDF iconReciprocity Policy

Please note that we do not grant reciprocity requests from August 1st through October 1st to accommodate our on-campus recruitment program.

Questions? Contact the Recruitment Coordinator.