Class of 2005

We will share photos, memories, and news from Class of 2005 alumni on this page. Do you have any photos, memories, class notes, or news you would like to share? You can submit them through our web form, and we will post them on this website. 

Class Captains

  • On Lu

Highlights from 2005

Top Ten Songs

  1. We Belong Together
    Mariah Carey
  2. Hollaback Girl
    Gwen Stefani
  3. Let Me Love You
  4. Since U Been Gone
    Kelly Clarkson
  5. One, Two Step
    Ciara, Missy Elliott
  6. Gold Digger
    Kanye Wes, Jamie Foxx
  7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Green Day
  8. Candy Shop
    50 Cent
  9. Don’t Cha
    The Pussycat Dolls
  10. Behind These Hazel Eyes
    Kelly Clarkson

Academy Award, Best Picture


Pulitzer Prize, Fiction

Marilynne Robinson

World Series Winner

Chicago White Sox
v. Houston Astros (4-0)

Super Bowl Champion

New England Patriots
v. Philadelphia Eagles (24-21)

Time Magazine Person of the Year

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Bono

Chief Justice of the United States

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
Appointed by George W. Bush

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

International Atomic Energy Agency and Mohamed El Baradei

San Francisco Law School Dean

Dean Jeff Brand