Class of 1970

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    Alumni Memories

    Denis Binder wrote:

    I remember several students picketed in front of Kendrick Hall to make finals optional in light of Cambodia and Kent State.

    Most of us waived exams. However, I took a Labor Law symposium. The professor came up to me and said ”Waiving exams is not waiving papers” so you have to complete the paper, which was published in 1971 in the California Law Review under the title “Sex Discrimination in the Airline Industry: Title VII Flying Hight.” The first two lines are:

    “Women have historically been relegated to a secondary role in life. Contemporary experience suggests that they may become legal secretaries, but rarely lawyers; secondary school teachers, but rarely university professors; airline stewardesses, but never pilots."

    Jerome Fishkin wrote:

    Marie Lia and I were regaling Dean Rieger and Professor McIntosh with our experiences in field placement during our senior year. We were both assigned to SFNLAF, representing welfare applicants in appealing denials of welfare. After listening to several stories, McIntosh said, I told you people that the new deal wouldn’t work and I was right. Then he got up and stomped off.

    Professor Talbot videotaped our trial practice class. I learned my most valuable trial lesson watching it – when giving a closing statement, it isn’t necessary to check my fly more than once.

    Around the year 2000, I was arguing in law & motion to Judge David Garcia, who was one of our classmates. Opposing counsel launched a personal attack on me. I began to respond. Garcia said, just because I threw down the gauntlet, don’t think you have to pick it up. I quit talking. 

    I recall one year where the law students asked the alumni dinner speaker to let students talk about issues at the law school, and the speaker consented. Several alums walked out. I also recall hearing that several alumni called the Dean to complain about the law students picketing.

    I also recall that Prof Bertie handed out finals to the women first, then left a pile for the men, as part of his protest against women law students.

    Class Captains

    • Bill Cosden
    • Denis Binder
    • Jerome Fishkin

    Highlights from 1970

    Top Ten Songs

    1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
      Simon & Garfunkel
    2. (They Long To Be) Close To You
    3. American Woman
      The Guess Who
    4. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
      B.J. Thomas
    5. War
      Edwin Starr
    6. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
      Diana Ross
    7. I’ll Be There
      The Jackson Five
    8. Get Ready
      Rare Earth
    9. Let It Be
      The Beatles
    10. Band Of Gold
      Freda Payne

    Academy Award, Best Picture


    Pulitzer Prize, Fiction

    Collected Stories
    Jean Stafford

    World Series Winner

    Baltimore Orioles
    v. Cincinnati Reds (4-1)

    Super Bowl Champion

    Kansas City Chiefs
    v. Minnesota Vikings (23-7)

    Time Magazine Person of the Year

    Willy Brandt

    Chief Justice of the United States

    Chief Justice Warren E. Burger
    Appointed by Richard Nixon

    Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    Norman E. Borlaug

    San Francisco Law School Dean

    Interim Dean William Riegger