Merit Scholarships

The USF School of Law awards merit scholarships to selected students entering their first year of study based on their pre-law school academic achievement and demonstrated potential for success in legal studies.

All applicants are considered for merit scholarships, which are granted after a review of the application materials. No additional financial aid or other forms are required. Successful applicants are notified of any scholarship award with their offer of admission. Merit based scholarships are funded in part, by the donors listed below.

Rita Gilmore Scholarship

Created in memory of Rita Gilmore ’79, this award is for a law school student in good standing with demonstrated service to others. Please note that applicants are not required to have financial need; this is a merit-based scholarship.

Paul Archbold Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship, established by the family of Class of 1948 Paul I. Archbold, is awarded to a law student whose undergraduate degree was earned at USF.

Bardt Law Scholarship Endowment

A bequest from Harry M. Bardt, Class of 1927, provides scholarship assistance to deserving Class of students.

Arthur J. Barrett Scholarship

The Arthur J. Barrett Scholarship benefits a worthy law student in financial need.

Kathleen M. and A. Russell Berti

A scholarship honoring A. Russell Berti, Class of 1928, who was associated with the law school for more than 50 years and served as acting dean of the law school three times.

Leon A. and Esther F. Blum Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship funds donated by the Leon A. and Esther F. Blum Foundation aid worthy students in the pursuit of their legal education at USF.

Donald R. Brophy Scholarship

A scholarship established by the law firm of Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer and Jensen in honor of their late senior partner, Donald R. Brophy, Class of 1928. Special preference is given to a part-time student with demonstrated need who entered law school after lengthy experience in another field.

Eugene Clifford Scholarship

A scholarship for law students funded by donations in honor of Eugene Clifford, Class of 1946.

Bruce J. Diaso Memorial Fund

A scholarship fund established by classmates in memory of Bruce J. Diaso, Class of 1966. Mr. Diaso was afflicted with polio at the age of 15 and used a wheelchair during his cum laude career as a USF undergraduate as well as during his law school years. After graduation, Mr. Diaso served in the Fresno County District Attorney's Office.

Joseph Farry Scholarship

A scholarship established through a gift from the Hon. John Molinari, Class of 1933, in honor of his mentor, the distinguished San Francisco lawyer Joseph Farry.

Judge Timothy I. Fitzpatrick Scholarship

A scholarship fund established by friends and colleagues in memory of Hon. Timothy I. Fitzpatrick, Class of 1893. The fund assists worthy law students as a tribute to Fitzpatrick's lifelong devotion to the administration of justice and ideals of the legal profession.

John A. Flynn Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship fund, established by friends and colleagues of maritime attorney John A. Flynn, to assist a student with an interest in maritime law. Before his death, John Flynn was a teacher and mentor to many law students and lawyers who went on to practice maritime law.

Conrad J. Greider Law Scholarship

A scholarship for deserving law students established by a bequest from Conrad J. Greider, a San Francisco industrialist and philanthropist and friend of the law school.

Arthur and Catherine Healy Scholarship

A scholarship fund established in memory of Arthur Healy, Class of 1920, by a bequest from the estate of his widow, Catherine Healy.

George Helmer Fund

A scholarship fund established to assist students in financial need by George Helmer, Class of 1940. Helmer was the first president of the USF School of Law Board of Counselors.

Wilhelmine Klosowski Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund for law students provided by a bequest from Wilhelmine Klosowski, a friend of the law school.

Charles R. Lawrence III Scholarship

A scholarship established to honor Charles R. Lawrence, a former law professor at USF. The scholarship is awarded to students of academic achievement and leadership ability who are committed to applying their legal skills for the public good.

Albert and Mae Lee Memorial Fund

A scholarship for deserving law students in need provided by a bequest from the estate of Albert and Mae Lee.

Frank D. Madison Scholarship

A scholarship fund established in honor of Frank D. Madison by a gift from the Madison Fund and Marshall P. Madison, a founding partner of Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro.

Florence M. McAuliffe Scholarship

A scholarship fund honoring Florence M. McAuliffe, who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from USF in 1905, and was a founding partner of Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe. The law school's McAuliffe Honor Society is named in his memory.

Alexis J. Perillat Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship, awarded each year to a law student with financial need, was established in honor of Alexis J. Perillat (Class of 1951), a gifted and well known San Francisco Bay Area litigator. The scholarship was established by his widow, Gloria Perillat, with assistance from friends and colleagues.

Edelbert W. Pieruccini Scholarship

A scholarship fund for deserving law students donated in honor of Edelbert W. Pieruccini, Class of 1923.

Michael Raddie Scholarship

Established by Michael Raddie, Class of 1960, to assist a USF School of Business undergraduate who excels in the field of accounting, business, and finance and who chooses to continue his or her education at the USF School of Law.

Rauenhorst Law Scholarship Fund

A scholarship for students with financial need funded by a gift from Joseph J. Rauenhorst, Class of 1981, through the Gerald Rauenhorst Family foundation.

Andrew C. Schwartz Scholarship Fund

Founded by William Schwartz and his son, Andrew C. Schwartz, Class of 1975, to enable a student with an interest in civil rights to study law.

James Duane/Stahl Scholarship

A scholarship established by Gladys Stahl in memory of her nephew James Duane, Class of 1943.