IP & Tech Law Program

USF's Intellectual Property and Technology Law program provides a thorough exposure to American, international, and comparative intellectual property law.

The program equips students with a sufficient grounding in legal theory and practical skills to pursue gainful employment in the intellectual property field in the United States or abroad. Patent and trademark practitioners are particularly welcomed to apply for admission to our LLM in IP and Technology Law program. The program requires completion of 25 units over two consecutive full-time semesters of study at the USF School of Law (August through May), or may be completed through part-time study with permission of the director.

The program is open to those:

  • with first degrees in law
  • who have completed in a foreign country the university-based legal education required to take the equivalent of the bar examination in that country
  • who are qualified to practice law in a country
  • or the equivalent thereof or otherwise deemed sufficiently qualified as determined by our LLM admissions committee