LLM and English Language Program

The LLM and English Language Program (ELP) here at USF is for students who have received a provisional admission to the USF School of Law. This program is designed to help students achieve the level of proficiency in English necessary to be successful in the LLM degree program. Depending on submitted standardized scores of English proficiency, students in this program may be required to take one or two semesters of English language development coursework in the Academic English for Multilingual Students Program (AEM) at USF prior to starting their LLM degree.


Two semesters
(Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)
One Semester (Spring 2019)
iBT 70
iBT 80
Course of Study in AEM Course of Study in AEM

Academic Reading and Writing (8 credits)
Academic English Skills Options:
Oral Communication (4 credits)
Graduate Writing and
Speaking Practicum (3 credits)
Pronunciation (2 credits)
Vocabulary and Idioms (2 credits)

English for Legal Purposes (4 credits)
Academic Reading and Writing: Basic Civic Institutions (8 credits)
Academic English Skills: Graduate Writing and Speaking Practicum (3 credits)

Students in this program are welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in all co-curricular activities of the LLM Program at USF such as visits to courts and other related events through the American Legal Systems class, participation in professional development events, and social activities organized at the law school.

Students will receive credit towards their LLM degree for the Legal English class. They will also receive a Certificate at the completion of the program. For more information, please contact:

Julianne Cartwright Traylor
Associate Director, International LLM and Visiting Scholar Programs
(415) 422-6946