JD/LLM in Taxation Dual Degree Program

The Juris Doctor/LLM in Taxation program is designed to give law students in-depth knowledge of tax law and policy in the ever-evolving field of taxation.

Students could complete their JD and LLM in Taxation with only one additional semester after completing the traditional 3-year JD program. Both full-time and part-time students are eligible for the JD/LLM in Taxation dual degree program.

Tax courses are offered online or at the USF Downtown Campus in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students enrolled in this program can earn credit toward the LLM in Taxation for tax classes taken in the summer. Tax classes taken in the fall or spring will count toward the JD degree. Up to 12 units of tax courses taken as a JD student can be transferred toward the LLM in Taxation. 


Admissions Eligibility

  • Separate admission to each program is required
  • JD students must be in good academic standing at the time of application
  • Students must earn a JD in order to utilize the LLM in Taxation credits they earned while a JD student 

Application Requirements

  1. Apply to the JD program.
  2. After you are accepted to the JD program, apply to the LLM in Taxation program by submitting:
    - PDF icon JD LLM in Tax Dual Degree Application Form
    - Brief personal statement
    - Transcript
    - 1 letter of recommendation

The $75 application fee is waived for dual degree applicants. Please submit all materials to taxlaw@usfca.edu

Academic Requirements

Conferral of the LLM in Taxation degree requires a simultaneously or previously earned JD degree.

Program Format

The LLM in Tax is 24-unit degree. Students enrolled in the dual degree program can earn credit toward the LLM in Taxation when they take tax classes in the summer semesters.

Tuition Information

Students will be billed at the JD tuition rate for LLM in Taxations classes until their JD is conferred. If students take LLM in Taxation courses after they complete their JD, their tuition will be billed at the current LLM in Taxation rate. Merit scholarships are available.


Questions about the program can be directed to taxlaw@usfca.edu or 415-422-2801.