Learning Outcomes

The USF School of Law commits itself to designing curriculum to ensure that students in the Graduate Tax Program achieve competence in all of the following:

  1. Applies substantive and procedural tax law from state, federal or international jurisdictions.
  2. Research and resolve tax law problems using legal sources.
  3. Analyze and assess tax law problems using the IRAC method.
  4. Effectively communicate advanced tax law topics to appropriate audiences in written form.
  5. Applies principles of professional responsibility and ethics to resolution of tax problems.

Natalia VentskoI went into USF's Graduate Tax Program without any knowledge of tax, and graduated with a solo practice in tax. Between the courses and USF’s partnership with the Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI), I was able to learn my craft, launch a solo practice, and develop a platform to continue my professional and personal growth."

-Natalia Ventsko ’LLM 18

Rick LongMy MLST from USF will help me tremendously in my career by providing me with enough support to address various corporate questions from clients as well as planning opportunities for them.”

Rick Long, CPA MLST ’18
Tax Manager, Andersen Tax