McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law

The technology revolution has made intellectual property, cyberlaw, and other high tech-related issues the hottest topics at American law schools.

The McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law serves as the center of USF's intellectual property and technology program, which includes a distinguished faculty, internationally focused curriculum, innovative clinical offerings, as well as a vibrant student organization and nationally-recognized student publication.

USF's faculty and students have been involved in the IP field for decades. Professor J. Thomas McCarthy, for whom the institute is named, has served on the faculty for 35 years. An intellectual property law pioneer, McCarthy is recognized as a preeminent expert in the field.

USF's Intellectual Property and Technology Certificate Program is built on the same foundation that supports all of the law school's work—a faculty of dedicated teachers and accomplished scholars committed to quality education.

Banner for a McCarthy Insitiute, Inta, and Microsoft Corporation Symposium in 2015, titled "Trademark Law and its Challenges"

From the Director

David J. Franklyn

Photo of David J. FranklynThe McCarthy Institute is a premier trademark law institute. We are devoted to advancing knowledge about trademark law around the globe. We have partnered with the the heads of industry, government, legal practice and the academy, to bring forward a cutting-edge, annual symposium on trademark laws co-sponsored with Microsoft Corp.

In addition to our cutting-edge conferences, we are conducting empirical work on various issues in trademark law. Currently, we are completing our fourth empirical study of trademarks as keyword search terms on the internet. We are fortunate to have Professor David Hyman, of the University of Illinois College of Law, as an Academic Affiliate to the McCarthy Institute. Professor Hyman is a recognized leader in empirical scholarship and has partnered with Professor Franklyn and the Institute on a number of scholarly studies.

We are proud of our work in the McCarthy Institute and the contribution we are making to the broader IP community.

-Professor David Franklyn, Director, McCarthy Institute